i am having a hard time understanding this…


I just had one of the most ferocious ‘class’ and discrimination fights over skype having made a comment:

she should know her position in life

How did this start?

Well, the “crime” it appears {in my mind at least} is to share trivial matters with any man.
The Story:
I missed my own party last night. Having to stay back and finalised the board paper for the B-payout since the Arabs do work over the weekend.
So, my maid was explicitly instructed by my mother to:
(a) keep 1/2 of a roasted chicken for sandwiches tomorrow (b) keep 1/4 of a roasted chicken for Penny’s dinner

Well, I made it home exhausted at 11:03 pm. Took a quick shower. Went down starving {having had only a 2-minute instant noodle out of a cancer causing Styrofoam box for lunch} and still running a fever only to find that the containers were empty. Bah! I made myself some warm milk, took 2 leftover CNY cookies and headed for bed.
When quizzed the next morning, my maid produced this:
My Point:
This is unbelievable! We are talking about a man who hasn’t even met this conniving woman whom the lady folks in my household has nicknamed Rose Hancock! {just observe her dressing and behaviour in front of my brother-in-law – appalling!} and he’s already an advocate of hers. Great.

Second, there is nothing about ‘class’ here. It’s basic human civic mindedness. Decency. You do not eat 3/4 of a bird on your own! It is not like you have been treated any lesser. Starved. Deprived. And 3/4 of a bird is more than enough to feed the entire family.

Third, like it or not, you are an employee.
You don’t see me being rude with my boss. Right or wrong, my boss is my boss. Hate or love, one needs to respect the chair. The authority.

Well, I guess it’s better to have arguments such as these now that later.
It is becoming increasing prevalent that we’re both trying {perhaps} too hard to fit a square peg in a round hole.
However, we could seriously do without the animosity, insults and ‘here’s a taste of your own medicine‘ antics.
. . .
I am tired.
. .


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