another public holiday… yay!

one great thing that came out of the HINDRAF movement

  • that makes all humiliation endured { explaining its madness to friends in AFP and CNN } worth it’s while
  • that makes the traffic congestion for days justifiable
  • that makes me jumped out of bed at 6am instead of 6:23am bearable


THAIPUSAM has been declared a public holiday for people residing, working, schooling or just ‘being’ in Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.
I think that nudges us up one slot to having one EXTRA day of public holidays than the rest too.

{heh heheheheheheheheheh … evil laugh}

Off late I treasure my off days more than anything. After 2 years of giving up my 26 days annual leave and still facing the brunt … enough IS ENOUGH.

  • I am sick of feeling scared to take time off.
  • Tired of feeling guilty when I am medically certified unfit for work.
  • Embarrassed to tell my colleagues I can’t join them for lunches that will spill over the official 1 hour.
  • Kick myself for watching the time.
  • Anticipating her thoughts.
  • Holding back tears when sarcasms roll off her tongue like melted butter.

This is NOT life!
For all the Heavenly Saints’ sake, I devote 13-14 hours of my day there!
And it’s just an ordinary day.
So, to what end? I ask.

A few days back, I “spoke” to my dearest friend. On her way to Paris to showcase her great fabric designs. It was decided between us that:

  1. I despise her (not the dearest friend, you silly!).
  2. Yes, I DESPISE HER on even days
  3. But the intensity of my love to relentlessly bitch about her exceeds the pain.
  4. I need the moo-lah.
  5. I shall stay for a bit more.



5 thoughts on “another public holiday… yay!

  1. You are right. That is not life. You should set yourself free and go for what you enjoy. The “moo-lah” will come.”moo-lah” does not and can not replace happiness, health, time and experiences.

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