was a weird day.

Started the morning by being told A, a divorcee, less than 40 years, 2 kids is lying on an operating table.

“open heart. triple bypass” was said.

This was followed by quick successions of other medical related news.

  1. N made it back from NYC but the bronchitis is now a full blown pneumonia
  2. had a utterly unnecessary spat over the phone and email about a potential staff joining date and pre-employment medical check-up
  3. summoned for a RECG by the medical insurance’s paramedic.
I was surprised with 3. I’m usually forewarned by this. I figured worse case scenario they’ll take a nasty vial of my blood. I don’t fancy needles. I hate Draculas. But I just wanted it over with and stormed to the room where the paramedic was waiting. After the cursory good morning and identity verification {what?! we’re crossing the Gaza now?} she said, “I need you to take off ALL of your clothes and lie on the mat” pointing her finger towards a mat laid out beside the meeting table.

I was stunned.
My usual witty occasionally sharp tongue was all twisted in my mouth that was beginning to taste sour!

She motioned me to obey and stared at me with a puzzled look – probably wondering if she should speak in Chinese or Malay instead, possibly Arabic – before turning around to secure the door.

I managed finally a meek “my clothes?” “ALL of my clothes?”

She replied without hesitation and nonchalantly if I may say, “yes. Everything including your bra. And be careful not to hit your head on the table’s edge as you lie down.”

She thinks about the welfare of my head. But not my breast. Or the fact that I am to strip buck naked in front of a stranger. In my office. Yes, dammit, in MY OFFICE!

Also consider this:
what if she’s nuts?
a gay?
a pervert?
or worse still sent by someone to secretly get me to disrobe?

Many, many, many hours later I could feel my checks rising in colour. My ears were burning with a mixture of embarrassment and fear and regret and anger. I did not ask for her identification! How could I not??? Was I that stunned? Hypnotized? Dumbfounded?

I confided this to a senior member at work who replied:
“darn. I should have aspired to be a paramedic a long time ago. Nice perks!”

bah . baH . BAH!!!!!!

– – – – – – – – – –

By the time he arrived he had passed on.
While lying on the ground with a fracture at the back of his skull he called his wife.
He called for help.
She pleaded with a Samaritan who finally stopped to help after 40 minutes not to send him to the General Hospital.
The guy didn’t listen.
He didn’t know better.

It was a hit and run. Like mine years ago.
But he bled to death. I made it.

Rest in peace S.

– – – – – – – – – –


was a weird day

6 thoughts on “171108

  1. philRECG – resting ECG (the heart thingy)anonymousthanks – flattering.foto.grapherlolpinkfairiesyeah – someone died. :(J.D.Hthanks! still thinking about it and writing more about wanting to write than actually getting around writing!

  2. It’s just a jinx day!Glad you are fine. Else I won’t have ironic fun sartorial pieces to read. Well, done with the writing – ever consider doing it professionally?

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