Travel Diary: … and why do I need the LP for Trans-Siberia?


That (^) was my respond to a fellow traveler who took the pains to buy his copy from and waited anxiously for it. 4 months or more in his possession, he has yet to go beyond the first 10 pages, and exclaimed: “it goes from Moscow-Beijing though”

hmmm… he’s meant to be the smarter one. And the one who has traveled to 9% more countries in the world than I have.
Anyways, it was decided we were going West Bound since he didn’t want to be jet-legged on a holiday but apparently has no qualms about being terribly jet-legged at work. I’m yet to figure this one out.
In the meantime I had mapped out the rough itinerary some 4 months or more back to which preliminary discussions about it was turned down as he needs to read the LP first.

and God, how do I put it… what he doesn’t realise is: We’ve got bigger issues to work out!

the rest of the gang {my gang at least} can’t or don’t want to make it.
One has been posted somewhere off-shore in Brunei.
Another has been shuttling between Shenzen and Doha – some big landmark project – can’t wait – extremely proud of his work.

And the last one said: let’s postpone it and hopefully by then he has found a tolerable girlfriend.


{ oh, ok. Lemme explain. We have a rule about preferring not to travel with couples and if need be everyone should be independent, easy going, fun, clicks with the group and pull their weight – no prima donna, with the exception of me being the queen of all drama queens! ;) }

we can’t agree on the date
He said Aug-Sept. I said winter.
Mr. Shenzen-Doha said: let’s spent Christmas in St. Petes!
Mr. wait-till-he-gets-tolerable-gf says: huh? was it not planned for 2010 or 2011?

{ … so, winter it is! though note note I had cold feet going to I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy at the imaginary sight of 1.5metres of snow surrounding its grounds! }

Anyways, back to: why do I need the LP for Trans-Siberia?
Well, simple.

  1. It’s an iconic route.
  2. google it and you get 1,600,200 entries.
  3. Wikipedia has an exhaustive write-up.
  4. Online tour agencies and listing – famous and not so famous – east bound and west bound – euro, pounds, dollars – are all there.
  5. And of course, forums! I love travel forums. Nothing like first hand information and tips by fellow travelers – local and foreigners. My limited Russian would survive some forums. It’s beyond me in most.

.6. Lastly, it’s a damn train (ok, trains) on a track. Where can it go? How much can change?
Oh, and believe it or not, local concession fares have not in the last 200 years … so, why the need to splurge over RM100 on a LP???

Anyways, I am back to planning and getting over the economics of price discrimination on fares that is bewildering at the moment to me. I’ve never seen such a gap in my entire life! And I am still trying to reconcile the fact that my single fare probably subsidises the fare of 20 cabins of locals train commuters.



4 thoughts on “Travel Diary: … and why do I need the LP for Trans-Siberia?

  1. I can totally relate to this. Travel partners are so crucial in the overall experience. If WT is the travel partner, stick with it. I found that at times, you should just go to the place then hook up with random people who have no interest in you or baggage from the pass. So the focus will be on the trip only. That has worked wonders on some of my trekking trips.

  2. Thanks for the concern. I’ve traveled with him, him and her, them (minus him and her) before. No issues. I generally get along well and can converse with just about anyone and have a good time if I set my mind to it. ok. ok being honest! :)Of course my favourite-est travel companion remains WT – give the amount of travel hours, fights, stress we have undergone in the past and have adapted along the way. :*What would I do without WT?!? Seriously?

  3. man… woman! you print money or what??? But yeah, you better go with someone you can stomach and enjoy. Confined areas. Weird food. Hardship (especially for the princess). Sure receipe for a disasterous time.

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