a train to pakistan … is what?!? RM 380?

Nope. I am not even thinking about buying the 1956 edition.

I have no idea what edition it is. Possibly the 2006 edition with Margaret Bourke-White’s photographs in it. That’s the only intelligent guesstimate I can deduce base on very little information, having not seen, let alone held or leaf the book in my hand.

I was quoted RM 380 – 450 for the book by three local bookshops here.

nope. Not even talking about those dusty, badly lit, back alley shops ran by some “ancient” Gujarati man along Jalan TAR (which I can’t tell if they are awake or not half the time judging by the angle their heads are propped on their necks and my inability to see their eyelids pass the half-inch thick glasses balancing on their sharp noses).

So, what’s really IN the book?

Why the hefty price? Even good. Very good prints of photography books don’t come close to that. Of course there’s always the coffee table sale to look out for or the books club specials for these lovely glossy babies that one wonders who on earth finance such a project and for exactly what? other than the ego trip of having published a book.

gold leaf you think?
In Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh book.
(Not the coffee table glossy books!
Keep up will ya? Sheeesh…)

At this rate I’ll never know coz I absolutely cannot see myself forking out that kind of money for a book. Oh, I was told: “It’s in hardcover” of which my rather disappointed hence borderline ill directed rudeness retort was: “so what?”
Look. I get the do-not-shoot-the-messenger bit, but like I said, it was a reaction which slipped passed the grey matter and slipped off the tongue before I could think. So, give me a break!

Today a friend said he’ll send it to me.
I can’t. It’s just too much. Though he insisted it cost one-tenth of what I was quoted.

See, I know he is green with envy over my signed copies of Rushdie. Yes, signed COPIES – plural. But, but, I am not ready to part with a single one of my signed Rushdie. Heck! I am not prepared to part with any one of my Rushdie. Ahhh… long story that involves the intricacy of book smuggling that I will go into depths one day … soon.

So, I’ve got much to think. :)

Thanks for the offer – that was so kind. Though maybe he was on a shoot and wanted to get rid of me who was harrassing him from the bookshop in the Twin Towers. I was told the interviewee is beautiful … ah ha! Says who political interviews are boring? And politicians are dull?


Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh

5 thoughts on “a train to pakistan … is what?!? RM 380?

  1. Have you read it?It’s a good and easy read, contrary to the assumption that a 1950s book would be dry. It’s fiction by the way but Khushwant did mentioned years later the characters were drawn from people he knew. I can’t believe it costs so much where you are. It’s crazy like you rightly said.Go read it!Thank you for sharing and writing this blog. It’s so raw, flippant and downright amusing.

  2. another heavy duty one of yours huh? unless it is travel/politics/non-fiction, i prefer to flip thru the airasia inflight mag than those literature stuff…hehe. :Pbut nola…AA sucks.

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