Naoko never loved him …

strange statement?

strange thought?
Not really.
I’m having these crazy pangs of hunger. The ravishing ones where no matter how much food you fill the stomach cavity with, it still seems hollow. Not that I do. Stuff food down, I meant.
Each time, the clock and logic overrules the cannibalistic urge.
10:03 am. 11:42 am. 2:16 pm. 4:24 pm.
How can one possibly be hungry having chow-ed down food mere hours before?
The pang remains.
The emptiness is unmistakable.
The side hurts. Even the fatty residues along the lower abdominal area (that wasn’t there 6 months ago) hurts. Standing hurts. Sitting hurts. Lying hurts. Crapping hurts. It just plain hurts.
Could it be I am just plain hungry? Clock and logic aside?
Or is it gastritis?
My peptic ulcers at it again?
GOD. Where is that piece of paper? You know, the one that comes with the laxative tube. Can it be overdose? Abuse? b..b..but I took only 2 teeny weeny ones as recommended.
Well, it did cross my mind:


“just these 2 tiny things can make a difference? hmmmmmmm… should I take more? No. No. Lemme try with 2 as prescribed. And see.”

Found paper!

  1. tablets should be taken at night.
  2. tablets should not be taken together with milk or antacids.
  3. it is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to bisacodyl or any other component of the product.
  4. chronic overdose may cause chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain, hypokalaemia, secondary hyperaldosteronism, metabolic alkalosis …
For point 1- …
Dear Mr. Manufacturer, care to say “1-2 tab at night only” rather than “1-2 tab daily”?????!? (The morons we live with in this world! I tell ya.)
Now, point 2- enraged me to the point of involuntary muscular spasms! I take loads of milk. I love milk. I drown most things down with milk in the absence of coffee. And now you tell me on this lousy piece of paper over font size 5 that milk and laxatives don’t mix? Read the ( ) above ^.
As for point 3- and 4- …err… who cares?!?
Firstly, WTF are you saying?
Second, I am still mad about point 2- and yes, I lost 3 hours of precious sleep due to timing issues on Tuesday (refer to point 1-).
But what’s saddest is: at the rate I react to meds including plain ol’ regular OTC is incredible. Unacceptable.


What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?


So while all of the above is happening and me shifting positions every so often hoping to find one where I feel least discomfort { ping! } I thought ofThe Second Bakery Attack:


the Remington
What was she doing with a Remington?

He seemed calm enough with the Remington surprise. hmmmmmmmm… would anyone I live with { if I do } be that calm?


… the would be eventual mucked-up accounts if 30 burgers went missing instead of the cash register.
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… are people that calm?
I dunno. Never been in such a situation with an automatic shotgun barrel in my face. Though mom has experienced two machetes yielding man at the front of our gates robbing her in day light 2 days ago.
… and eventually oreeee . oreos . ori . fixation with naoko . toru . midori . hence, the blog’s title. aree?

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5 thoughts on “Naoko never loved him …

  1. Girl, listen! You ok? Seriously ok? I know you never answer any serious questions. Please call any of us and talk ok? Go see a doctor! Otherwise, I’ll call auntie to see to it. Gosh, you are the most intelligent and yet the stupidest person I know.

  2. eh, tried calling you. I am in town. Call me. Off again in a week’s time. Work lah. I need to see you. So long … I am worried by your hidden messages. Please call back.

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