Sunday tone


Never mind that.
He’s a nutter.
A mad hatter.
Throw off the editorial hat. The script-er hat. The writer hat. The correspondent hat.
XXX-CERR.LENT! is what is left.
and this guy tells me I have a Sunday tone as opposed to a Wednesday tone.
Hell yes! A Sunday tone.
First, I am in the wide expanse of my garden on Sunday.
I am reduced to a 6′ by 6′ cubicle on Wednesday.
A certain American arsehole millionaire sponsors our calls on Sunday.
A certain nit picking dime counting Sheik pays for our 5 minute limit calls on Wednesday.
Yes! 5 minutes … the clock ticks…. 4:59 … disconnected!
hmmmm… Makes one wonder if anyone does not abuse any workplace.
And lastly, on Wednesday he could have been blown to bits! Terror bombs were going off everywhere. Past 3 messages were about them going off nearby. Of course with no word thereafter, I do wonder:

damn! Have I got to call Asha Gill and arrange for a soccer match?

What about incredible hulk?
And of course Mr. Yellow Dahl (not Roald Dahl) with rice man?
What about them?
and SHUT UP! There’s no Salvador Dali’s brother Dahl though.
(he never had a brother, just a sister who died)
So, in future, goddamn reply text messages!
The President can wait.
Well, look. She forgot the invite to the largest news network in the world … she’s not gonna miss you or your network.
As for the Prime Minister, well, he should be grateful he’s still kicking and alive. The bombs were for him. But of course he knew that! Skipping town at his first chance. Running away from election rallies rather than rallying for them.
Seriously. Does he expect to win via proxy again? To be handed down the power?
Oh, whatever.
Off to pop two ibuprofen. 900mgs kicks in better.
No yoga this weekend. whooooahooo.
But off to the country club to learn some French crust bread making. Mom’s the student. Me the reluctant observer. I have a better memory she said. Hers is sustained by ginko biloba it seems. And hers is still muddled up – thanks to the machetes yielding robbers that attacked her.


Psst… the picture does look like the incredible hulk and mad hatter XXX-CERR.LENT! I was extremely thrilled to have stumbled upon it. lol



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