Work Diary: I cried at work…

A combination of factors.
Hormonal swings – sorted out about 2 hours ago!
{err… that’s about all I’m going to say since most of my blog followers are guys. :)}
Inequitable work distribution.

Inequitable compensation (vis-a-vis work distribution).

Yes! Yes! Yes!
They pay us well.
Yes! Yes! Yes! We get crazy bonuses.

But with these “Yes! Yes! Yes!” comes demanding work loads and demanding expectations on quality and delivery. No rewards or regard for effort or bad luck. Just delivery.
And so, naturally all of us (me not spared from this) is lured by external temptations.
But when reality sets in, the calculator and worksheets sets in, I asked myself:

“why are you still here?”


It’s for THAT moment where everything is worth the while.
You know, that ONE defining moment.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


My 2007 moment came in the form of posters above urinal. Long story… but it was an uphill battle trying to convince that resulted in:


“this is not a treat but I feel really disappointed at this view and what seems like a back-track in our efforts to build a corporate culture … {at the verge of tears}
I really feel like quitting now.”


was said to my CEO.
Appalled, he replied:

“This means that much to you? A poster above a urinal? Fine. Go ahead then.”

yipee! yay! yay!

It was an astounding success. The suspense and climax that build up towards the launch of the project, branded the entire exercise … every single person who joins the corporate family know about the project. The buzz is perpetually there. {details HERE}
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


For year 2008, the BEST moment of my job appeared in the form of a deep, husky voiced guy who was polite and diplomatic by the name G. I’ve never met G in person. We only dealt over the phone.

What made G special initially was his simplicity, joy and ability to appreciate the small things in life. As we spoke further, G turned out to be most honest person I have ever ‘met’. He was forthright about his condition of which we spoke lengthily about it.

I was somehow compelled to assist him in any way possible although I knew the corporate policy and I knew what the medical reports would say… but I tried and tried and tried.

Nonetheless the lawyers advised us and we stuck to the policy (regardless of my personal believe and feelings).

I have never felt that dejected before in my life, not even after nasty break-ups or being abandoned for a damn 1D MkII camera… and somehow G knew.

He wrote me the most beautiful emails. They were filled with warmth, sincerity and compelling insights. He just knew what I was going through. And being someone who has lived with the stigma of being HIV positive, he lived up to being a better man. A bigger person. He ended up putting me at ease. And making me feel right about the decision.

To this day we remained friends… thank you G for being there.
For making me understand why my job and role is important.
For making me appreciate life better.




Learn more about AIDS here.
Click this LINK to learn more about volunteering.
I AM (proud to be) A VOLUNTEER! I AM!



8 thoughts on “Work Diary: I cried at work…

  1. penny, oh, btw, the line in the office has been reallly really bad of late, so juz in case, SAWATDEEE WAN SONGKRAN KAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP…SPLASHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPLASHHHHHHH again with ice water!

  2. k.t.x … but of course!ahhh what do you know about hormones? and women??? Mary is a gem.foto.grapheri am not gonna kill myself silly. another one! sheesh. get to know women1!!!

  3. puyoh, very deep deep the post, but whtever it is, i m always here to chat/talk. we cn still exchange info on trips and finance matters. lol.btw, where did u cry? hehe.

  4. Listen! Stop being a heroine. We all love you for that. We all love you for what and who you are.We don’t want to lose you. Who else are we going to poke fun at, huh? Idiot! Arghh! How do I get through your thick head? Help yourself first. Or at least let anyone of us in. I can’t believe I know you and yet I don’t.

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