for rhino-no-know-no-thing man!


ha! you dodo. you!
yes, Y-O-U. you the rhino-no-know-no-thing man.


uh huh
I am gloating.
No prizes for guessing that.
For hours I was made to feel like an idiot.
I was teased endlessly on email right to being laughed at over the phone openly.

let’s see what the latest short messaging system {ping} said:

” hmmmm… researching rhino nail clippers? :-) “

all of this craziness started about lunch time. my time. we were discussing poachers and militants partaking in illegal activities (but of course! why else are they called poachers right?) in the Kaziranga National Park situated in the Golaghat district of Assam, India resulting in the deaths of some rhinos.
and I wondered out loud (via email of course) why do rhinos die when their horns are being poached? I had innocently assumed that a saw was used to removed it and had assumed that like moose and deers their horns were like tightly fused hair or keratin – hence, dead cells.
.hmmm now you (my readers, not rhino-no-know-no-thing man) totally understand the ‘nail clippers’ reference above.
and knowing me, I couldn’t let it be.
not the being laughed at.
but the need to know the facts bit.

i researched about rhinos and ha!
ha! ha! you rhino-no-know-no-thing man, the rhino’s horns is made up of
keratin only, the same type of protein that makes up hair and fingernails! and lacks a bony core, such as bovine horns.
and if I may add, the -ceros bit of the rhinoceros name has no relevance to dinosarous! (another ha! ha! ha! for the you rhino-no-know-no-thing man) The word “rhinoceros” (ῤινόκερως) is derived from the Greek words ῥινός rhinos, meaning nose, and κέρας keras, meaning horn; hence “horned-nose”.
and given that the horn is also not attached to the skull as well, why?why?why? do rhinos die from poaching? mostly, they were savagely butchered with an axe. when rhino horns are worth more in weight than gold, poaches would cut off every bit of the horn, deep into the flesh, resulting in a deep wound of which rhinos bleed to death from. given their sheer size and ability to sprint 45 mph (yup – just when you thought it was way overweight and clumsy), the only way to hack the horns off is to shoot the rhino and chop it off quickly and brutally.
so folks, the next time you think a rhino brew is gonna ‘cool’ your fever down and provide you some extra boost (void of blue pills), consider chewing your own nails. it’s after all the same thing.

6 thoughts on “for rhino-no-know-no-thing man!

  1. if u dont know, assam is also high on my list. emm, let me comb the streets of shenzhen over the weekend and see whetehr there are any horns. u want some? i get them scratch out some powder for u…calcium. LOL.

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