my baby is sick.ies


What was I thinking?
Day dreaming definitely.
There was yoga. I nearly died. Yes! Yoga is not at all serene. Or merely mutilated limbs. It is hard work.

I’ve learned 3 types of yoga to date.
Good at only one – the meditative type – where I fall asleep. :)
The gentle-lest Scandinavian lady in the entire universe taught me in Melbourne. Every Thursday. 3:00-3:45 pm. Truly the best.
Most restful sleep I ever had. All the sleep I ever need for the week. So, in all, I slept for a good 24 hours during my years in Melbourne.

+ + + + + + + +

Leland is sick.ies.

No. No. No! Don’t you dare.

He does NOT always break down. And he has NEVER broken down in the middle of nowhere.

It was his rear tail lights window that gave way. The plastic bit – 1.5 inches in all – that guides the cable into the motor that snapped. I can’t lock the car. I am in BIG trouble. If it rains. Make it when it rains 2 to 3 times a day. It’s the monsoon. I think. Who knows when the entire world’s weather is chaotic.

Of course Land Rover Malaysia is not open on Saturday or Sunday. I need the car!!! I’ve got a pro bono photo shoot for an NGO with Gavin Gough (aka GG)!
Aaaahhhh… GG.
I have to grab GG.
You know, GG. The guy who fills our travel fantasies in Lonely Planet. The “LP guy” I call him. :)

Anyways, back to leland being sick.ies.
Being a ‘mother’ in desperation I drove to OKR as directed by my financial planner who has arranged for help for me. What do I do without my financial planner???

As far as I am concern, OKR is alien land with massive congestion’s, bad roads and hotch potch developments built in a hurry:

  • demolished by authorities in 2 hours
  • re-built in 2 weeks
  • and down again 2 months later
I drove past some ‘house’-cum-‘shop’ that looked as if a tornado had swept through it. With the ever present classic MYR50 sponge mattress with gaudy floral prints strewn about. The type where no possible bed sheet could ever cover the gaudy prints. A horse-racing-timetable-cum-when-to-pray-and go-vegetarian onion skinned Chinese calendar still hangs on the wall. A visible toilet bowl with no traces of chipped porcelain…. amazing isn’t it? Always the same old same old scene. Perhaps with the occasional broken plastic child’s push chair and a missing rubber Japanese slipper at sight. Plus loads of garbage … it’s as if by some unwritten rule, every demolished building is a dump site.

Ok. Enough of my OKR drive. Got myself to the garage in one hot sweaty piece (no window = no air conditioner … duuuHHHH) to the Shell petrol station. Called Mr. Fong who amazingly spoke English! He said he’ll be swinging by in a Nissa Cefiro. hmmmmmm… definitely CINA!!!

I manoeuvred leland alongside a pump.

Very soon the pump attended appears. I smiled and thanked him for his offer to help fill my tank. But really. There is no need. It is full. I was waiting for Mr. Fong which obviously I could not make known to him.

3 minutes later he appears and asks: “ah moi tak mau pump kah?”
All Bangladeshi learns the Malay language in 6 – 10 hours; the time they take to arrive from Bangladesh to Malaysia on Biman Airlines.

I said: “tau mau. Thank you.”

He persisted on: “ah moi tunggu orang kah?”

As if it was the most natural thing, my head shook from left to right and it suddenly occurred to me, that my sign language signified “yes” in Bangladesh so I quickly said:
“Tunggu kawan. Beli rokok dalam kedai.”

and I smiled while we both turned our gazes to the C-store which was empty safe for the cashier.

The bastard {forgive the strong reference} gave me a quizzical look and a smirk which says “L-I-A-R”!!! Half mocking me. Half satisfied that he ‘caught’ me. I managed a half smile and turned my gaze from him and stared ahead. Across the road and thought:

ha! whatcha gonna do huh???

So, yes, long story short, leland for the very first time in his life went to an un-authorised workshop to get fixed. The cost??? One-third of what Land Rover Malaysia would have charged me. God! {oops! Sorry.} MAO! Imagine how much I would have saved over a decade on my sick.ies baby …


5 thoughts on “my baby is sick.ies

  1. why am i repeatedly told about the good food in OKR but no one seems to invite me for a foodies-session???but seriously, mission now is to lose weight! so, gotta go sleep now – 1:36am – so i can wake up for yoga tomorrow. :)

  2. i told you so. :ptu lah degil. no.1 always ask the queenno.2 the queen is always rightno.3 if in doubt, look at no.1btw, bangla cute or not?i guess you didnt care and i can just imagine the look on your face!kah kah kahtu lah degil…

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