Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack… hmmm…


yes. that’s right.
who would have thought that I would find scrolls Charulata and the Householder from the soundtrack album of Wes Anderson‘s film?
and well, there it is!

so that’s discovery #1 for today.
discovery #2 is there is such thing as kissyoutube.
i honestly thought that my friend was pulling my legs when he said, “kissyoutube”.
naturally, skeptical me mocked him and kissyoutube.
Oh, for my dear friends who are surprised by my sudden affiliation with audio downloads, well, nothing has changed.
i am still anti-iPod. :)
and i am still clumsy with all this kissyoutube-darjeeling-limited stuff.
i just happen to be a desperate soul trying to put ridiculous numbers of 2-minute bite sized multimedia shows together and i need scrolls to match the narrations and stories of some images.
with one show in particular, i have to have either Ali Akbar Khan or Satyajit Ray to make it perfect. yaw know, the cherry on top of the cake sort-of-thing. now that i have both i can’t decide on which; Satyajit Ray‘s Charulata would be more appropriate in terms of theme, but i just love Ali Akbar Khan‘s Householder light whimsical tune which of course is much easier for the multimedia show editing as well!





5 thoughts on “Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack… hmmm…

  1. You folks are too cultured for me. I like the first soundtrack better and you’re right. I think it will be easier to edit a video with it. Is the video going to be available for viewing?

  2. orh… that’s so sweet. but you have to offer Mao to me first, whether I am the factor that gives you the profit or not … I cherish my red book so much. Your Mao would have just been awesome with the red book beside it.BTW, my roasted duck ‘godma’ is back in action! She went to UK for 4 weeks to see her kids… uh huh I got myself ducky today. Mao, I am pathethic – I trailed her for 2.5 kilometres!

  3. hehe..i m a fan of wes anderson and satyajit ray! both of them r brilliant man!btw, i hv got “I for India”..a docu dvd. quite a cool one!!!!also, i got a mao antique china. i told myself, if i got bored of him and could not sell him off at a profit, i will GIVE it to u….

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