… oh haay… I GOT STOCK

I thought I would call for …err… kicks! Satisfaction.
And as predicted it’s still there. The body. In the box. Behind the glass self. The same one I eye-balled exactly 10 days ago and after much haggling, I was told point blank: “NO STOCK”.
I said I wasn’t going to blog about it. I have vented enough and the ex- had in his amazing way put things into perspective for me without saying it but by making me laugh at me. Well, after 8 years of being each others’ only buddy this is truly expected. And period. There’s nothing more to it having moved on 3 years now.

“Where were you last night?” his voiced boomed through my O2

“At home. Why?”

“Oh. Really? You better be careful.”

“Huh? What are you on about before 10?!?”
{note, I am only fully awake and approachable after 10 am and even my boss observes this Penelope Rule of Thumb # 5/862,393}

“What?!? Don’t you know? There’s a nationwide man hunt for someone who burnt {blip blip} Plaza! And what’s really peculiar is this person had some strange vengeance on self paying parking machines. Apparently one machine was thrown off the roof of {blip blip} Plaza onto the middle of Jalan Ampang.”

I was cracking up silly by then and he continued,
“Police found lots of bodies lying around. Some unidentified but most were Nikons. The big, black, bulky types.”

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

Some 10 hours before the phone call, I made my way to {blip blip} Plaza. Up to the first floor and approached the shop that was built on an island, which was a grave concern to me initially until I was reassured that it’s not a fly-by-night shop and reputed to be one of the most reasonably priced stores for photo equipment around Kuala Lumpur.

Since it was along Jalan Ampang, and between {blip blip} Plaza and Pudu Plaza, I was capable of steering my car left to an underground car park on my way home than snake my way through Pudu, which I haven’t a faintest idea how to get to and thanks guys for the “near Jalan Pasar”, “on the opposite site of old Pudu Jail”, “behind Times Square lah” … it still doesn’t register and I am not about to get into an argument with my Missy GPS in the middle of Malaysia’s Lui Yan Kai multiplied in complexity and compressed in size.

So, what I thought was going to be a very straight forward transaction turned out to be a nightmare that could have seen me on a stretcher some one kilo meters away in Institut Jantung Negara!

“How much is the body?”


“What? No. My friend {blip} has made a reservation for me and I was told it’s 7650.”

“Oh. Wait arrr….”

Out came a calculator and I was getting really upset by then!
The usual men selling boys toys to women thing-y is happening again.

“ok lah 7650. cash.” was the reluctant reply.

“boss, any cheaper?”
This was met with he’s the cheapest in town crap and I then countered, “but {blip blip} shop is selling for 7550.”
7600 actually but this is an allowable white lie. It’s call negotiating. :p

the reply shocked me: “I got stock. {blip blip} doesn’t have stock.”

I bit my tongue from wagging a “so???” and replaced it with a forced smile and said :
“boss, if I buy lens also. Got better price?”

“what lens?”

“I want the 18-25mm f2.8 or the 14-24mm f2.8.”
The jerk better treat me nice, I thought. Either purchase will double up the bill.

“OK. I give you SPECIAL price,” he replies as he signals me to the other side of the island.

Obediently following his lead I asked, “which you recommend? 18-35 or 14-24? And how much each?”

He gave me the pricing and said, “14-24.”

Since nothing followed that which I was expecting some technical gibberish, which means very little to me, I asked why and was responded with a drop-off-your-chair or hit-the-daylights-out-of-him answer:
“14-24 I got stock mah.”

I was warned not to over react and be patient.
I then ask the million dollar question, “So boss, how much total you give me?”

tap tap tap
tap tat tap tat tat tap
tat tat tap tat tap tat tap tap

errr… how long does it take to sum two items up and work a SPECIAL discount???
patience Penny patience.

He then looked up at me and said, “14,300”

I was like, “WHAT?!? That’s your SPECIAL price? 50 ringgit discount is your special price?”

He smiled smugly and said, “yup. Special price.”

So this time around I blurted, “{blip blip} is already giving the body ONE-HUNDRED ringgit cheaper than you.”

He retorted, “{blip blip} got no stock. I got stock.”

To which I could no longer control myself and said, “Listen you. In 9 days, yes, NINE days, the fact that you have stock of one body is no longer a competitive edge. Every store in Kuala Lumpur will have stock. Yes, you hear me??? EVERY SINGLE STORE in Kuala Lumpur will have stock. And guess what genius? Not every day a person comes and buys a 7000 ringgit body. It’s a recession you idiot! Do you read newspapers? Do morons like you read newspapers? People are out of job. Look, I take the body for 7600.”

He replied, “No stock.”

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

< speed dial >

As soon as I heard a voice on the other side, all kinds of profanity spilled out.
It’s truly unbecoming to say any of it here but all I can say the choices of words mostly started with the earlier end of the alphabet.

As I was rattling and screaming down the phone – till today I often wonder why he puts up with me this way and though I have repeatedly told myself to stop doing it. To stop calling him. To stop yelling at him as if all the bad things in the world is his fault – I attempted to pay the parking ticket.

Machine shows a reading of MYR 3.30
I fished out a MYR 5.00 and slotted it in. Waited for my change.
Ticket came out. “PAID” it says on the LCD panel. Waited for my change.

More profanity – the machine screw up is also HIS fault. I punched the intercom button at a rate of 2 per seconds. Nothing. I hit the machine with my palms. Nothing. I kicked the machine – ouch! freak! More profanity – the fact that I wore a lamb skin shoe and kicked with the leg with degenerative issues is also HIS fault….

I swore I would burn the place down. I hung up.
Yup. I am such a meanie to him. Yet he’s so sweet.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +
As for the {blip blip} Plaza … oh when are they going to demolish that sorry place for a Four Season’s Hotel? Or a luxurious apartment? I will be standing across it, under the protection of Citibank’s lobby – if Citibank out lives that sorry-state-of-a-building and the-shop-on-an-island! It will be my turn to smile smugly with my arms folded across my chest.


a ZERO point three four eight percent discount is insulting.

Not wanting to pay MYR 50 and risk not receiving a body before I fly off for a major photo shoot that involves 3 parties is pure stupidity on my part.

… but can you seriously blame me for not thinking like the missy Analytic I am in such an instance???
a ZERO point three four eight percent discount is insulting.



4 thoughts on “… oh haay… I GOT STOCK

  1. the end of story is i got insulted lor – what kind of discount is that???the end of story led me into waiting 9 days and got it from the other store at MYR 50 cheaper.the end of story compelled me to call them 9 days later to check if they ever sold the only stock they had on the store. Answer is :nada. it's still sitting there … well, then not ALL of us are MBA educated lor…:)

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