Finally! FPW is over, but the FLU lingers on…


The Foundary Photojournalism Workshop is finally over and I suppose I can’t complain much since my expectations were well checked even before I signed up. So guys, I am keeping my day job – hell, it pays and do I look like a person who can live a life of hand-to-mouth existence? For this I salute my dear talented friend {dr.} Vivek M. for his courage to pursue his first love (?) and for his strong sense of responsibility of telling stories that matters through photos.
Anyways, some personal lessons I’ve learnt though from the FPW were:

go for the lesser known instructor
– everyone wants a piece of Ami Vitale (and Ron Haviv); I end up not gaining very much from Ami with minimal contact time

be assertive and selfish
– it’s a very competitive dog-eat-dog profession which truly is about the early bird getting the worm kind of situation. And trust me, it’s not just photos as I would view them … there are heaps of over achievers (ahem… kiasuness at its extreme)

have some spine
– yeah, stop being a Libra basically (this is strictly for me). Stay true to yourself – go with the project and shooting style you like and want; not what the instructor thinks and wants you to do.

substance abuse is good
– a sure way to get accepted and have ‘friends’ is to drink like a fish and smoke like a chimney

go with quirky if you ain’t any good
– seriously only two stories are stuck to my mind:
(i) “Dark Matter” with its classic tag line of Yessh, fairy woman is nice. I want to marry fairy woman. Dark is good oso. But fairy is better.’ Classic!
(ii) “Honeymooners in Manali


And lastly, a BIG thank you and loads of HUUUUUGGGSSSssss to Tewfic El-Sawy for welcoming me with wide open arms in his classes and his honest constructive criticism on my work. For you, Tewfic, and for inspiring me, I’m gritting my teeth and going through SoundSlides and Audacity to produce a short multimedia on the lovely horses in Rohtang Pass … and if I do survive that multimedia project, I’ll do one on the weavers too. {wink}


L to R: Mohit Gupta (Delhi), Tewfic El-Sawy (New York), Dar Yasin (Kashmir)

[and Dhiraj Singh (Mumbai) – not in photo, but check out his work! Fantastic mind blowing stuff – definitely an up and coming photojournalist to watch out for… not to mention the humility and warm.]

These were the cool guys I hung out with … and errr… also passed on my flu. Sorry guys!



5 thoughts on “Finally! FPW is over, but the FLU lingers on…

  1. worth mentioning the fact that celeb photogaphers had the worst student output and the entire workshop was so disorganised. we could have had our money better spent if they could get their act right. instead the organizers get upset when we complain and chose to laugh at our face. will never go again or recommend.I.F.S

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