Rohtang Pass – my 1st multimedia



Here’s my first desperate attempt to do a full-fledge multimedia – combining still photographs with audio – on my own. Tough work I tell ya! The patience needed is testing.
And since the gibberish
FTP followed by url conversion on Soundslides’ instructions remains gibberish to me at best, especially when nursing a temperature that’s slowly creeping to 38.8 degrees Celsius … yes, folks that I have spread my germs to I am slightly freaking out at this stage... I have abandoned the ambition of embedding Soundslides at this moment in place of much needed sleep and recuperation.
So, at this very moment this is the best solution I came up with.
{and do not complaint! It took me ages to convert it to Quicktime and then upload into blogger}

Yes, I know it looks pixallated!!! Darn people, I am not blind – just flu and feverish!

I’ll probably omit some photos and stretch the timing further to ensure the buffering is fully completed before the next photo transition – that should sort the problem some what. I think.

But seriously, there’s nothing I can do about it right now?
My computer guy I am convinced has ran off with the groceries woman.
Look at me. Do I look like I am joking?
Seriously, who takes >3 hours to buy groceries for one person?

And as said/implied above, I seriously need some rest. So, I can’t redo the slides and convert it to Quicktime now. See, I foresee long nights ahead of me at work – darn board meetings preparations. Looking back, I somehow wished I had kicked the person who was supposed to monitor our body temperatures at KLIA who fell into a slumber. Yes, I know it was early, but hey! 7:58am is NOT that early and you’ve got a responsibility to curb the spread of swine flu (H1N1) idiot! Maybe then, had I kicked him into consciousness, I would have had 7 days off work {in quarantine} for flu symptoms and fever.


8 thoughts on “Rohtang Pass – my 1st multimedia

  1. Excellent work. Top class pictures and the text weaves the images nicely to tell a compelling tale. Iam inspired to do something like that very soon. My only grouse is that the that the images change abruptly. i'd preferred a smoother transition. But i understand you are new at this. Great job. very inspiring

  2. fulmak!!!LOL. apart from the dramatic dances with wolves theme, got horses galloping sumore! LOL. hey, omit the galloping part will ya? LOL. but overall goood job!!! i m proud of ya!

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