Travel Diary: paid my ‘pilgrimage’ to brother Salim …

.Photo © Penelope Gan – All Rights Reserved
Janpath, New Delhi
shopping @ New Book Land with friends in 2007


As if by second nature I make my ‘pilgrimage’ to the New Book Land along Janpath whenever I’m in Delhi; usually armed with an exhaustive list that immediately twitches both muscles at the side of Salim’s mouth, framed by some minuscule overgrown facial hair – too little to be considered a mustache let alone beard – so why, oh why does dear ol‘ brother Salim bothers with it? { I guess this is one of the few common quirky traits of men, we women chose not to even bother understanding as it’s not worth the effort. }


This time around I broke three golden rules I sort off made up for myself over time:
Rule #1
I went empty handed and tried rattling by memory books and authors I would be interested in – not much success in the 3:40pm heat with mom looking restless.
Rule #2
For the first time, I did not take photos of this amazing structure that one can hardly call a shop though technically it does have ‘walls’, a roof with mounted fan and fluorescent lights, and a {raised} floor that’s brilliant for garbage chocked drains in monsoon season.
Rule #3
I asked Salim for a discount! blatantly ignoring the huge manila cardboard sign that says “NO DISCOUNTS”. How disgraceful … but I was seriously running low on rupees with mom buying half of Chandhi Chowk, Dilli Hatt and Sunder Nagar up, having not visited Lajpat yet.


So, having only bought 6 books this time around, my thirst is far from quench and today when mr. CNN left me a message that went along the lines of: Skoob is in Malaysia” , my reaction was “No way!” “Seriously no way!”


Thank god for Google { what would this world be without Google, I often wondered, though we’ve only had google for a decade and a half now? }


Skoob is indeed in Malaysia! after having gone through what appears many reincarnations and relocation. For those who do not know, Skoob is like the best-est second hand bookstore in London. Russel Square to be exact. Stocked to the brim, Skoob comes with a charm that’s … well, eccentric due to the … err… well, eccentric characters it draws. { calling a spade a spade }
And did I say, Skoob was founded by a Malaysian? yeah – the London one. – reinforcing Malaysia’s most disgusting cliche Malaysia Boleh! { yucks! time to soak tongue and fingers in bleach now!!! }

– – – – – – – – – –
To “Skoob” dirt-cheap books and stumble upon classics, visit Skoob at:
Lot 122 & 123,
Menara Mutiara Majestic,
Jalan Othman,
Petaling Jaya,
– – – – – – – – – –
Any place that need a power boasting name like mutiara + majestic, immediately translates to dodgy place! dodgy place! dodgy place! Since, I’ve personally not been there, I can’t confirm this suspicion of mine, but this theory always applies especially when it comes to hotels. So, caveat emptor!


4 thoughts on “Travel Diary: paid my ‘pilgrimage’ to brother Salim …

  1. photofreak: mom bot half of chandi chowk, quarter of dhilli hart. no-lah joking… but all kinds of stuff. Even my Indian friends were amused. But they are guys …and like all of you male pumping testosterone, aiyah, what you know??? :pphil: cl!ck is never a joking matter!lol :)

  2. Thanks for the Skoob information. I checked it out on the web. No website but stumbled upon an advert that they are having a sale right now.I guess no harm taking drive since I am in Subang.

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