… I’ve been away REMEMBERing and RECREATing

I must be having amnesia.

Never had it taken me so much effort and time figuring out the not-so-geeky but still is geeky stuff.

For reasons unknown to me, I decided that I was going to have a domain. A host. And since I was at it, heck, let’s throw in the e-commerce functionality though at this point there’s nothing I want more in the world that to relinquish all responsibility from my co-founded not-for-profit online craft/scrapbook shop – Scrap-n-Crop.com.

So, between Wix (which I preferred the e-commerce functionality) and FatCow … I eventually relented to the fact that I was moo-ed over and the cow had me at “Nutrition Facts” – nope. Not the ‘nutrients’ I was going to get for USD 66/yr, but the clever play of words … yep! my kindda thing and totally unashamed to publicly confess that I joined the herd.


So, the {not-so} clever me have been slaving for a month now on getting my site up … only to discover I don’t exactly have anything compelling to say, show, sell! For the most part, I am just too drained to do anything … and I reminiscence a lot of the not so distance time where I sat on a huge armchair and stared into space – across the bed, the study, the … everything, aware and yet unaware of my surroundings in Sheraton Heathrow for 4 solid hours in the middle of the night until the wake up call jolted me out of nothingness back to fury of missing the plane! S-N-A-P back to reality … and never again since then have I had nothing-ness.
Anyways, back to the point: besides the BIGgest hurdle of now realising I have no need for a personal website, I also realised that the damn Bank’s server does not permit me to download or access any ftp client plus a whole host of other stuff which translates this Penelope Gan-domain-project to one that is restricted to:

After playing with Becks, Bryant and Rover.

After stuffing food in face (which I shouldn’t given current {over}weight situation that is not great for self-degenerating condition).

After talking and “listening” to mom – hey! try working in a dog house for 14 hours a day and spend 3-hours on the road and tell me you are no zombie and your mom’s gospel is engaging!

After uploading and updating whatever there is to do on the online store.

After finishing some work brought home (didn’t I say it was a ‘plush’ dog house? but nonetheless a dog house?) …

After answering some personal email that is mostly NGO work related.

After thinking I need to spend some time on serious personal grooming, but not now.

… and people actually thinks we single-tons have nothing to do – no commitment. Ha!


Well, lovely folks… it IS 12:19am and I do have an early morning presentation to the entire Bank’s Directors… I would like to apologise for my absence (and thanks for bugging me too!) and reveal the new Penelope Gan | Photo Blog – for those that are remotely interested… I mean:


… and yes, only 3 entries as of now, since I wanted to schedule it to start on the auspicious 090909 and I can only manage one reportage a week.



6 thoughts on “… I’ve been away REMEMBERing and RECREATing

  1. Geez! I like it. Tell me what you can't do – seriously! Let's do with elimination first since I suspect the can do list is longer.Great job. Keep it up. (free lessons?)

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