Gate Crashing Weddings …


There’s really no excuse for this… but, I’m entitled to a free trial so I am gonna justify myself like it or not! ;p


Being a-quarter peranakan (i.e. nyonya – and the most annoying phrase I have heard for the past 3 months is ‘little nyonya’ – so shut the hole in your face! if you’re gonna utter that), I would pounce on the chance to learn and witness my heritage. So, when news about a random stranger – ok, maybe not so random, but definitely close to a 6 degree separation – was getting married the traditional peranakan way, the next course of action was crystal clear: I MUST be there.


So for a month and a half, my ‘fixer’(read: mom) tracked the people and their contacts down. Called. Spoke. Convinced. Sold.
Crashing into someone wedding, ceremony, reception, home, lives was a possibility.
We, the nuts Gan-girls wrangled ourselves ‘in’ yet again.

But arrrggghhhHHH
Slight problem{s} (SP)
SP #1 No event equipment. More so night event equipment.

I could swipe my over-swiped plastics to get a hot shoe. SB900 or 800. Boot-camp Photography 101 Uncle Lim who gave me a 3-hour crash course on “Camera: Know Your Dials For {blips} Sake!!!” had said the 900 had issues.

SP #2 Don’t know how to use a hot shoe. Seriously.

And yes, I said the same thing 6 months ago – so fine. Prosecute me for not having progressed at all. :p But seriously despite the overnight urgent delivery of Joe McNally’s bible by a photo editor friend of mine, I still don’t get it. The only thing that got me through McNally’s ‘The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big Light from Small Flashes’ is McNally’s whacko out of this world (but I like!) attitude. I can’t wait to age and be an arrogant piece of {blip}. Seriously.
SP #3 A traditional peranakan wedding is a 12-day event. The location is a 300 kilo metres drive. I have a full time job. errr… hang on. Make that a 2-1/2 times full time job. With the Himalayas in July/Aug 09 and now Ethiopia-Ghana planned in Dec/Jan 09-10, there is no way I would get the time off and 26 days of annual leaves somehow seems too little (suddenly).
SP #4 I am struggling t0 find enough time to sleep as it is. How on earth am I going to be well read and researched before I gate crash? No way in the Heavenly Gods hands will I be blessed with the odd one-thousandth of a second great shot.
SP #5
There’s hardly any article in google or yahoo search worth straining my tired eyes over – what a bunch of crap! Poorly written text. Ridiculously research write-ups. And oh, let’s not even go down the road of describing the accompanying photos!
With all that’s stacked against me, and SP #5 in particular, I was more adamant that it is my ‘calling’ (ahem) to do the entire peranakan clan right.
Armed with my latest ‘lover’ (the new ‘man’ in my life that takes up 1/32 of my bed space) – the old but new Domke F2 Waxwear, my Sigg, 2 bodies, 3 ‘glasses’ (not counting the one resting on the bridge of my nose), Rover… mom and I headed out to the unknown to do the most unheard off act in our books of “(prim and) proper-ness”.

Photo  © p.{Haque} – All Rights Reserved.
Equatorial Hotel, Malacca, Malaysia.

5 thoughts on “Gate Crashing Weddings …

  1. Food was normal wedding banquet food. Wedding wasn't exactly TRADITIONAL peranakan wedding – looks like I gotta get married a REALLY TRADITIONAL PERANAKAN style to get my own photos eh?But hang on, it wouldn't be my photos then! hmmm… best to stay single and happy.Yes, pinkfairies (this is so difficult – wished I could just go with your real name) – when is this makan2 session????

  2. this camera talk is bore…ring…but this wedding gate crashing you must tell me one of these nights over calories fattening doughnuts and spiced tea ok?oh, was the food good? hee hee

  3. phil: rover the 4×4, not the dog lah… sheesh. but that was farnee – how your brain works! lolfoto.grapher: lowepro = boring husband. domke(s) = lovers mah. wedding photos? {puke puke puke} NEVER!!!!

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