Work Diary: still @ work


Yup. 19:45 hrs reads the time on my Cisco IP Phone that sits about -6 degrees from this window I am typing on and I can’t help but cast the occassional glace at … I frankly only look at the phone after official hours. I generally pretend it doesn’t exist during working hours even when it rings … but… but… hey! I do pick the phone up reluctantly with my hand that feels as if it was made of cast wrought iron ok?

Who am I expecting a call from? you ask.
No one. I’ll be rather surprise if anyone at work calls me now.

Friends would generally call my mobile, that apart from some official and semi-official work, is mostly flooded with Digi messages and whoever Digi sells my dreadful database to.

Man… you must think I have NO LIFE @ tis very moment.
19:48 hrs now.
Still @ work.
Drafting a script for the CEO.
Where the {blip} is corporate communications? you ask.
Home. Partying more likely.

I got a short and sweet response from him – the CEO – earlier today that went like this:

“Maybe a little reminder about how proud we should be in terms of our accomplishments – and not possible without concerted team effort – as well as “through this survey” we learn how to gel better and therefore perform and deliver better. Sort of connect the success of the bank with the lessons we learn and the strong engagement among the teams.
Other wise ok.”

… before I rushed off to a rather interesting training about employment termination and dismissals and the law.
ahhh… boy do I know or DO I KNOW about dismissals.
Constructive Dismissals especially.
See, I should be jubilent today. I got my first of ( …errr… was it) 10 (or 12?) installments of my Constructive Dismissals compensation cheque from my ex- ex-employer.
Well, I guess I am relieved to have received something – not mentioning that by the time I was done with the conciliation, court proceedings and dealing with the lawyer … I had very little hope and recourse other than imprisoning the Directors … though I’d rather imprison the junior lawyer that once relieved my ‘real’ lawyer of his duties when he went for his pligrimage.

Then again, between you and me, at that very day, that very moment, I am certain that it would have been me behind the bars for pulling the trigger of the Beretta (not) at my ex- ex-employer, (not) at the Industrial Court Chairman but at my own lawyer!

Yes, I’ve reached that level of inexplainable rage only once in my lifetime and it was at that dreadful moment in the Industrial Court Chairman’s chambers.
Anyways, … you guessed right. I can’t think of how to re-write the goddamn script.
I’ve got photos to take over the weekend (and more to process).
I received a DVD from the Malaysian AIDS Council today and between myself and another volunteer, I’ve to work on 7 multimedia photo essays …
and all I’m thinking of right now is:

do NOT forget to extract the DVD out of the PC’s processing unit under the desk

how do I tell Mr. So-and-So that I am ditching him on a planned trip to make way and standby for Afghanistan
{ how do I get a copy of a travel guidebook on Afghanistan??? anyone??? }
{ yeah it’s obvious what to tell so-and-so, do I care what so-and-so thinks/feels is secondary – I am not a mean person, but mr. so-and-so is getting plenty annoying – how could anyone consider matchmaking us?!? idiots!!! }
I’ve decided I’ve got a BIG crush on someone …
 { how is this possible??? he reminds me of someone I detest?!? plus there’s only 9 google entries to his name whilst mine strecthes 14-pages and more … if you bother to look between the other mumble jumble … ok, his are all professional related. Mine aren’t – quite – professional related but hey, isn’t that evidence I HAVE A LIFE? A balanced one. :p }

I should just concentrate and finish off the damn script and think of hitting the road.
Time to spend time with both the Rovers in my life.


5 thoughts on “Work Diary: still @ work

  1. Congrats on the case and payment. You totally deserve it. They have gone bust apparently and was rumored to have committed arson. Interesting how life turns around for us. I think you are better off now although still putting in the crazy hours.Damn I didnt see this before the teh tarik session. So, who is this new beau? Crush still on? mmmm…loltake care dear. We must make an effort to get toghether more. All of us.

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