Travel Diary: unaccustomed earth


me:  unaccustomed earth
him: unaccustomed earth

…….by amsterdam by ian mcewan
me: lover

…….jhumpa lahiri
…….unaccustomed earth that is
him: :)

…….our lover

+ – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – +


I am yet to finish the book. Honest to goodness I have not started the book. I have been meaning to … like a whole host of other things. 

Some may think I am a procrastinator. I think I have written somewhere in this space on procrastination, but I can’t be sure of it now. It really doesn’t matter as I am sort off rambling while I wait for Mr. Dalai Lama chaser to be done with his official phone calls to address some of my queries. 

One thing for sure, my mother is a better fixer.
I may be one-heck of a great travel itinerary planner, but mom is a GREAT fixer.
After 3 weeks I’ve been unsuccessful at getting anything straight for Ethiopia – still counting the days for anything to materialise and given up on chasing … thank God Yogie-Beary-Bear’s  biz school acceptance came in! Uh huh definitely a coward’s way out but that solved a whole lot of issues. So, Ethiopia – the unaccustomed earth – for now is postponed; right on the back burner till my Beary-Bear is done with school again. Sigh. Biz School – this deserves a separate blog entry.  

Swiftly I moved on. Deciding since it’s so difficult to take time off work, I am going somewhere. But not just any where. Since the India Lonely Planet hardly ever leaves my night stand, I decided to flip the pages open and play with it until my fingers unconsciously stops the rhythmic movement and that is where I shall go!


A week ensued with research on Sikkim.
Losoong. Chaams. Monastery. Himalaya. Frozen lakes.
I’m in. The last fact has not sunken in although I may have irritated at least half a dozen people with this question: “How cold will Sikkim be in mid to late December?”, although I know very well that they wouldn’t have a clue. Possibly less than me given my recent  research.
Sikkim unfortunately is frightfully turning out to be another unacustomed earth.
Does anyone know anything about Sikkim?
Can they ever get the dates straight? 
Try calling Sikkim tourism offices in Gangtok, New Delhi and Kolkata. Ha! The dates are all different.
Try surfing the net. 
God Bless these people who bothers to write articles and information, but truly there is a significant difference between Losar and Losoong. 
And is Kagyat a dance or a chaam? 
Anyways, just when I am almost done sorting this mess out with the help of a seasoned travel documentary photographer and his pal, stringers with CNN and AP … I am now being introduced to some relative of a relative of a friend of so-and-so (ok – I’m exaggerating this a bit so that you get the feel of my buzzing head, especially me, who suffers no fools). About 10 minutes ago I was told you MUST have a tour guide to get in and out of Sikkim. Well, I knew about the permits and all … but do I really need a guide? I don’t mind a fixer, but I don’t want a commercial tour guide… 
Well, I am determine to get through this second unaccustomed earth … but be prepared for a fury of not-so-prim-and-proper words.


7 thoughts on “Travel Diary: unaccustomed earth

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  2. keat, i don't think it will be so complex. i'm going ahead with it. i'll definitely post the trials and tribulations along the way and the eventual success with tips!man… it's not very often i am positive. ha!

  3. emmm, i was seriously considering about darjeeling the other day…..quite close to your sikkim huh? lol.(i dint consider sikkim, due to the hassles actually, but, darjeeling, still in the pipeline 4 me)

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