Travel Diary: Stupid airline… yeah the blood sucking red one

in a way I truly deserve it …
not taking heed of the ‘what you pay is what you get’ maxim.
But, this maxim is unfortunately not accurate this time around as I did pay almost the same fare as Malaysian Airlines. Despite being ridicule by lots of friends, acquaintances, and not-really friends, as well as people I don’t want to know or be associated with, my first choice of local airline is always Malaysian Airlines; Enrich frequent flyer points accumulated or otherwise.

Sure. I have a long standing axe to grind with this other blood sucking red airline company.

First, not so many years ago, I did some consulting work for its catering arm. Delivered my part. Invoiced. Reminded. Chased. Pursued legally … ignored. Bill remain unpaid. I remain the idiot who worked for this blood sucking red cheapskate airline for free.

A few months later, my sister (Val) attended their shareholders EGM as well as their financial institutional and press pre-briefing. The man stood proudly on the podium and declared that he only pays his top 30% supplies to remain afloat. This statement brought Val’s fingers to subconsciously alert me via sms. I went into a mad rampage (rite, I am unnecessarily theatrical and emotional no doubt, but stay with me. This one is a different case.), got into my car in blinding speed, allowed myself to be irritated with everyone who owned a car in Kuala Lumpur that mid-morning, screech my brakes at the hotel lobby and ran up to the ballroom only to be physically bared from entering the room by 3 gorilla looking jerks who didn’t deserve to be there let alone suited in a handsome tailored black suit.

{god. the 3 ‘gorillas’ probably saved me from making The Sun and The Star headlines the next morning, as well as the embarrassment I would have placed Val in and the awkwardness of bailing me out of some police station lockup!}

3 years later, in my momentary state of insanity (that lasted about 5 months and resulted in me being in a Bank that has a phallic looking logo), I booked 6 flights with them for a circuit escapism around South East Asia. 4 out of 6 flights were delayed. No make that 4 out of 6 flights were canceled probably due to low number of passengers booked on it. I swore the experience of being stuck in Miri airport for 8 hours with only one lousy bar with a broken pool table and drunkard aliens was enough for me to boycott this blood sucking red airline company forever … quickly forgetting the fact that my flight from Phonm Penh to Kuala Lumpur 60 hours before that was only USD 9.99.

3 weeks ago (minus a few days) I booked my mom on a flight to Bali with a friend to visit another friend whom she met on a forum (yeah – we have some insane genetics genes … so, don’t blame me for half the insane things I do!) … less than 24 hours after confirming a very expensive ticket that technically costs more than Malaysian Airlines as I was too cheap to pay extra for check-in baggage, meal, pre-book seating and insurance from the blood sucking red airline company, mom gets a call that her friend in Bali had passed on. Cancer.

Having no sense of connection with this person, my action-contingency-plan clock kicked-in immediately and I started calling the blood sucking red airline company in an attempt to recoup as much as I could. Naturally nobody attends to you when you call the call centres at the height of urgency … and I was reduced to scrutinizing every fine print on the goddamn blood sucking red airline company online site. I wrote in and was told that the only thing I could do was change the flight; i.e. the date and/or time of travel. Apparently being deceased is not a compelling reason enough to have the ticket name change… I wonder what compelling reason would be compelling?
{this world has definitely gone mad! that is for sure. and I am suddenly extremely sane by all standards}
In any case I was told that I could change the date and/or time of flight for everyone including the deceased (but WTF for??? well, unless the deceased is Jesus and resurrects right?) at a nominal fee.
Knowing that mom would not want to travel on her own, I was left with no choice but to drag not only my sorry arse to Bali but to fly the blood sucking red airline company to make all land logistical matters easier.
Being a furious and extremely cheap ceena (Chinese) banker, I decided I was going to average down the tickets by waiting for the blood sucking red airline company’s FREE SEATS promotion. After 6 persistent hours (and this is NOT 100% a waste of opportunity and time cost, since I was working on the PC concurrently), I got both flights – i.e. KUL-BALI and BALI-KUL – 4 days apart as intended for MYR 0. With administration fee and some other convenience fee (which was not explained nor given an obvious way to undo the selection) I paid MYR 45 in total and proceeded to change mom’s flight for a nominal fee …  of RM190! 
How is 33% of the original ticket price on a FREE SEAT flight a nominal fee??? 
As said this is a blood sucking red airline company ran by a crook.



6 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Stupid airline… yeah the blood sucking red one

  1. LOL. shite, v checked out on Bali too, for june10 jus to coincide a friend's invitation to surf and trek up some volcanoes..and indeed RM0 but we couldnt make up our mind and it flew out the window. but yes, i so the hate the RED airline too…but dont mind taking it as a HupSoon bus to nearby places….sigh.

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