:) it’s a FREAKING GR8 day @ their expense …

when small 3-letter words like ATM / MFM / IBK can trigger off sparks …
when all we do is track, drill, slice, dice, cook-up are ATM / MFM / IBK numbers for the last 4 months …
something like this:
makes my heart take a triple turn leap …
gets my cheek muscle to twitch into an irritating upward curve …
my feet automatically leaves the floor and I break out into a joyous jig and make imaginary twits to everyone I know … well, not exactly everyone I guess. But definitely everyone who fits the above description when it comes to the small 3 letter words:
.and everyone involved in the SQI committee that tracks, drills, slices, dices, cooks-up ATM / MFM / IBK numbers for the last 4 months

It’s been down since noon – maybe. Maybe not. It was at noon that I realised it was acting up. At about 4-ish p.m. (+8 hrs GMT) they finally admitted a PROBLEM existed and decided to stop deluding customers with their “sorry-inconvenience-slow” hog wash. Heck! It wasn’t slow. It just didn’t work.
But rightly pointed by my colleague – our ex-Alternative Channels guy (BL) who has moved on to do geek-ier and more important stuff:

(1) Would this make anyone want to close their account besides Penelope?

(2) Would people with M2U stop using it?

(3) Would they have lost millions of ringgits in transactions?

OK. You win, BL. But don’t burst my happy-bubble for the moment whilst I mentally run numbers of hours, minutes, seconds of annoyance  … runs in billions …
Well, it does take a LOT to overcome 1st mover advantage. Largest market share. Branding… blah blah blah … In any case, it’s still a freaking GREAT day {for me} at their expense.



3 thoughts on “:) it’s a FREAKING GR8 day @ their expense …

  1. She works and plays hard.Hang on! I stand corrected. She never plays. Play is still work to her. They just don't pay her.BTW which NGO pissed you off. Just saw on FB. :D

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