Work Diary: it was a S.A.D. day yesterday


. archaic . unearthly . bizarre . weird . peculiar . freakish . uncanny .
I was requested to be present for a business lunch. I was told who was hosting it. A rather prominent individual I’ve had brief professional interaction with over work matters in the not so distant past. He’s been talked about in my presence on many occasions. In fact many of which were solely directed to me. Good stuff. Merits points. Some bits of personal information et cetera
Typical Penelope fashion, I never thought much about it. So, when I was told to ‘tag’ along for lunch, well, like a subservient subordinate I went along cursing under my breath as I didn’t fancy walking 300 metres in the middle of the day, more so in my lime green trimmed turquoise blue toe pinching Maxazria heels that matches my Turkish turquoise necklace. Also I have been attempting to lose weight after a week of management retreat-type sessions in what has been rumoured to be my family’s hotel! {not} I just happened to be there soooo much, to the extend where my computer support contractors are commenting about my imminent need for immediate intervention in the form of fat burner tabs + 2 hours brisks walks around the KLCC park. When guys tell you that … well, you are in trouble. You are FAT.
Anyways, forgive discursive Penelope – I can’t help it!
{why am I talking in the 3rd voice??? anyways stay focus Penelope!}
Lunch started off well, although I had to recover within nanoseconds when I heard him saying:
“I am sad. You know S.A.D. Single. Available. Desperate.”
I decided it was just blabbering in an attempt to get the conversation going. But soon a dark cloud of suspicion hung over my head when the conversation centered around his career history, his passion, his past time, his habitual patterns, his green tea, his yoga classes, his movie preferences, his siblings …
Hang on! {eye balls shifts towards top right hand side}
This is not normal for a professional business lunch. And am I detecting flirtations here? Oh well, not between me and him, but between the boss who’s seated next to me and him. Man… I am a Libran.We PERFECTED the art of flirtation… this is really lame.
But wait a minute!
Now I am totally confused. Why are they flirting? And yet ‘selling’ him?
In any case despite the “S.A.D” incident and “I love romantic LOVE stories”, he was really a nice bloke in every sense of the word. A nice change from the macho arseholes I end up with (usually) … but hey! RASH just resurfaced my infatuation with a person I know nothing of this week – Banksy.
: D
I am afterall the living definition of:
. archaic . unearthly . bizarre . weird . peculiar . freakish . uncanny .
uh huh
more so than the set-up ‘blind’ date I had with the boss sitting there.

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