a rock chick wannabe for 8 minutes


I’m not sure who was more shocked today.
I pushed the glass door. Strode in in my cool bluish-grey heels and bluish-grey baju kurung.

My heart skipped a beat and proceeded to pump rapidly when 10 pairs of eyes stared at me. Fingers strumming stopped in mid-action. A sharp shrilled of sound burst the otherwise dead silent room.

{rewind 10 seconds}
‘gosh! I am so screwed. But let’s just do it!’
I thought to myself as I stepped out of the car and headed towards the entrance. Not expecting what to expect in the world of Mat Rock.

{rewind 2 hours 18 minutes}
‘OMG OMG OMG. Why on earth did I wear a baju kurung today? Yeah. I know I was running late and this is the best wardrobe. No thinking. Just slip them on. But I need to go to the store. the Mat Rock store to be exact. Man… the mat rock sounded impatient over the phone. Heck. I need to get it.’

By that time my head was running with crazy ideas. I was feeling very desperate. I called my colleague ‘kicik’ to come along. She responded a firm ‘No.’ Reason being she didn’t want to be seen in her dark green baju kurung. She didn’t think it was flattering.

“Gawd! You don’t exactly think a Mat Rock would even give you a side glance do you? Are you running a temperature???” I exclaimed with exaggerated drama. “Common’ I’m in a goddamn baju kurung too.”

She finally relented and I made a date with my lil’ ‘brother’ who was going to drive us there. Well, at least he IS cool, without having to try at all. Well, a lot of exaggerated dramas and antics too, but definitely still the coolest amongst the three of us.

“Why can’t we get it in other stores?” he asked.

“Because it’s only available in CK Music in Malaysia,” I replied.

“Oh. And what does CK Music sell again?”

“err… you know… electric guitars, drum sets, synthesizers, cables, those bands sort of things. It’s a Mat Rock heaven,” I replied thinking, ‘can’t kids just drive and quit asking questions these days?’

“And how did you find this place and about it being sold here only?”

‘Gawd! Kiddo drive!’ screamed the voice in my head but I calmly replied “Low Yat forum.”

I swear I saw his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as he took a BIG gulp and there was a hint of disbelief and renewed respect for me – me, The Clueless, is now a participant of Low Yat forum?!?
Well, not exactly true. I didn’t participate. I stumbled upon it google-ing “Zoom H2 Malaysia” and Low Yat was one of the highest in the search results. I clicked on it and a guy admitting he can’t afford it just yet but wanna know anyways asked where he could get his hands on one. That was 48 hours after I braved Low Yat Plaza on my own. A big big step in my books.
{forward 2 hours 22 minutes}
I conveyed my request to the shop assistant. Rather good looking bloke. Spotted the platinum band immediately. Had some polite conversation going on until he couldn’t resist but asked: “Is this for yourself or for work?”
I smiled. Ahhh… he’s trying to place the purchase. The store and its surroundings. The stereotypical customer profile and jamming patrons. Me and my baju kurung.
“Personal” I replied… then, ahhh, what the heck! I am born to flirt. So I continued, “errr… bang, malu giler masuk sini dengan baju kurung!!!”
A laugh ruptured and subsided soon enough with him saying, “Wait. Let me give you a gift.” And off he went to fetch it from the store only to re-emerge with a ‘Made In China’ looking bare white box. He handed it to me with a wide grin and said, “A skin. Costs 75 bucks.”

“awww… kewl … gua caya sama lu,” I said and smiled half a second longer than necessary. At the corner of my eyes I could see my lil’ ‘brother’s unmasked expression – a bit baffled. Make that plenty.
Suddenly I am in the IN crowd. I am a rock chick deserving of a incredible smashing jam session type MP3 recorder.
Suddenly the owners of the 10 pairs of eyes didn’t look so daunting any more. Their curly Amy Search (i.e. before he went bald) hairdo was in place.
Suddenly nobody was bothered about me.
Suddenly I was no longer trespassing. The jamming sessions continued … bursting my ear drums as I made my way out of the door with my lil’ ‘brother’ in toll wondering what the heck just happened?

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