FUNKY: Nick Veasey | X-Ray Photography

{you MUST try the ‘ON’/’OFF’ switch on Nick’s website – it actually works – kewl}
Can’t take any credit for this. Didn’t discover it. Or stumble upon it. My colleague Rob did and messaged me … well, putting aside the fact that we are indeed kinda pathetic to be engaged with our mobile portability devices on a Sunday morning; at least I am merely glued to my MAC screen. Rob has his mobiles (yes, plural) implanted in his palm! sending twits and uploads 20/7 (less sleeping hours) … even in meetings where on a few occasions he has had his mobile (singular) confiscated. The confiscator now realises Rob has not one, but plural mobiles on him at any one time but has been unsuccessful in getting him to surrender the rest! {so far}
But for now, on with Nick Veasey‘s work – a British photographer and filmmaker, who while on an advertising assignment to x-ray a cola can, was amazed by the response the x-ray image of his shoes provoked when he showed an art director, which thereon saw a swift from working with conventional still shots to utilising predominantly x-ray imaging as a medium. 
His work has been exhibited in galleries internationally and his first collection of images  captured over a 13-year period of experimentation with X-ray imaging and equipment is collated into  a hardback format: X-ray: See Through The World Around You – a theme that is central to Nick’s philosophy of the world around him.
Nick is a recipient of many photographic and design awards including the IPA Lucie Awards, AOP, Communication Arts, PX3 and awards from the D&AD.

Not your regular photographer, but … pretty funky uncanny work! that borderlines art and technology. Check out the ‘Process’ on his website HERE
A house!
Being a wide angle person … this is my favourite piece.
And of course … I can only wished for … that this is the type of Christmas pressie I get!
{errr… the limited edition Leica-Hermes is a good start if you are indeed getting me a camera!}
all images taken from Nick Veasey‘s website

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