His girlfriend is old???


“His girlfriend is old {pause} Don’t you think so?”

OMG. I can’t believe I said those thoughts out loud as we were gradually descending Bukit Nanas at 10:23pm in search of real food.

Cocktail receptions without alcohol deserves no mention.

(It is irrelevant that I don’t drink no more.)
Cocktail receptions without descaled shrimps on chilled crisps ice lettuce is unacceptable.
Cocktail receptions with no hors d’oeuvre is not a cocktail reception.
Great views of the entire Kuala Lumpur city does not make up for the apparent lack of good food and beverage and basic entertaining common sense.

Sure. It was hosted free by the management in support of the NGO. But still???
And how dare he stand at the podium and force all of us (who are too polite for our own good) to listen to his hard sell?

But anyways, who am I to comment?

{not about the cocktail (or lack of)}
… but about “His girlfriend is old”
… here I am with a lovely guy who (if memory serves me right) is 7 years my junior.
No. He’s not a consort. Jeez! Thank you very much. That’s insulting to both of us. I am not that pathetic and frankly I love his company and wit very much. Look, I adore this fella.
But I could have swallowed both my feet and tongue immediately after making those harsh comments simple because just hours before I was distracted and attracted to a distant figure with very, very dark-jet-black-ebony hair that has a Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty) air about him. It suited me fine whenever he walked into my line of sight, blocking my view from the stage, to take a photo with an entry level Canon dSLR. hmmm… see, even that equipment didn’t put me off.

converse sneakers.
Stone washed steel blue corduroy.
Red Che Guevara?? t-shirt.
Casual charcoal grey blazer.
Black stud plastic earring.
Jet black BLACK ebony hair.

Some hours into the lame evening introductions were made. His exotic name never registered. He was totally star-struck by me! ME?!? Well, whatever he was going on and on about me – yes, moi – didn’t register. I mean how interesting can me be to me right? I know me. I live with me 24/7.
In any case, that part of my brain that is meant to register incoming signals ceased to exist. It has been invaded by the dark-jet-black-ebony-hair-‘Rob Thomas’-ubergeek-punk thoughts, and they take no prisoners.

The only two stimuli, make that 3 that I was aware of were:

(1) how is it possible that every cuticle is that black?
(2) mr. dark-jet-black-ebony-hair-‘Rob Thomas’-ubergeek-punk is seriously holding on to my hand – post handshake – way, way too long,
(3) Penelope! He IS way TOO YOUNG! … that he is and whilst he did mention about dark circle and looking like an IDU, I saw only a dark-jet-black-ebony-hair-‘Rob Thomas’-ubergeek-punk!
Ha! If “His girlfriend is old” … man … I am possibly grandma by all standards with mr. dark-jet-black-ebony-hair-‘Rob Thomas’-ubergeek-punk. I guess I need to be contented with one of those ridiculous (socialite) event in your face photo shots of us together and savour the fact that in his eyes I was a brighter star than Dayang Nurfaizah, Owen Yap, Aanantha and Uthaya, who were also present.




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