Travel Diary: the pre-travel dream

4 days and counting.  
CNN envelope in hand. Smirking like an absolute ape.
My tickets! Yes. In the envelope. In my hand.
Gosh. I can’t wait.
Well the shots I hope are going to be good. But I am hardly excited about that. It’s still work.
The weather forecast is dreadful. Rain. -15 to 9 degrees C. Sun goes to bed 4-ish in the evening. Winter.
Gawd. What do I do with bad light? I haven’t got a clue what to do. Oh well, at this point all I can do is figure it out then. Fast lens is always good.
I still don’t have the 70-200 in hand. I should have just bought it instead of caving in to my wide angle fetish. But a fetish is a fetish. Otherwise it wouldn’t be termed fetish.
But Nikon did say its coming. Ahh… my classic Nikon dilemma. The eternal last minute let’s let fate decide decisive moments with Nikon replays itself again. Why do I allow myself to be subjected to this again and again? I wonder. I often wonder. I wonder every time this identical situation replays itself.
I guess I am a sucker for pain. I am.
I actually told someone today that despite all I adore Chris Brown.
Me. A person with a history of an extremely abusive, bullying boyfriend who cheats and steals. Ha!
Speaking of which I have been having bad dreams. I don’t trust my dreams. They usually turn into Déjà vu type experiences. So, I force myself to stay asleep and concentrate on the dream.

It was a huge intimidating flight of steep wide stairs leading to a bright opening. I climbed it despite my physical condition with my full gear on my back. The feeling was akin to ascending Sacré Coeur de Montmartre (Basilique du) … only higher and wider.

Right at the top there’s a wide wide courtyard that spreads out at least 4 time the size of Borobudur’s upper terrace. And to the sides (like a stadium seating) there were hundreds of badly made wooden doors with hinges threatening to come off at the slightest vibration. I was showed through one of the doors into a dimly lit room with only a bed. My room.

In storms the ex- abusive, bullying boyfriend who cheats and steals. I was stunned but too tired to put up a fight. Decide to take a shower. Turned back 4 times to grab my camera gear. ‘He’ll take it,’ says the little voice in my head. I proceeded to the shower which has 2″ x 2″ chicken wire netting 4-1/2 feet from the floor. ‘Great,’ I thought, but what the heck I need to rid the grim on me. 

Suddenly I turn around and there’s at least 20 people cramming into the next shower and staring at me. The abusive, bullying ex- shows up and is attempting to enter my shower.
‘My gear! Don’t you dare touch my gear!’ I hear myself screaming.
My head is pounding. Who are these people? Where am I? I want a shower… please … please go!
Mom wakes me up. I am late for work.
Now, what does all of that mean???
Seriously, it will be a Déjà vu and as traveled as I may seem, I am a gullible fool who has time and time again fallen as a victim of organised scams. And well, nearly hacked to death for a Canon 1D Mk II.  



5 thoughts on “Travel Diary: the pre-travel dream

  1. Where are you? Back yet?I am sure all will be fine. You're just nervous as usual and that's what makes the outcome great. You try so hard.Let's talk before new year. I might have a do.

  2. keat – i should correct it to ONE abusive boyfriend. and it was boyfriend. sigh. takes a lot to admit to it.As for shite – sheeesh … you are the eternal Danny Boyle worshiper.That much I give you.i am having COLD feet on the weather!!! don't remind me.:)

  3. special boyfrens or boyfrens biasa? lol. if u get to shower in the region with a neg15-9degC, i salute u!!! so, forget it. better off dreaming about a nice shack to poo where there is no diarhea splattered all over the wooden platform (by others) lahhhhh….hehehe.

  4. You will do well on the trip and don't worry about the dream. It's just anxiety I am sure and the person haunting you is probably due to the fact that you both shoot the same stuff.You need to develope an ego and have more confidence in yourself and your capabilities.Good luck and Merry Christmas love.

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