yes, that’s EXACTLY what it is!

I’m not saying I don’t have any. I do. And stop being a freaking nice (hypocrite) by saying “No you don’t”.

I face it twice a day for 40 minutes in total.

(add in the 2 to 5 minutes breaks along the day where I get a peak of it prior to positioning myself on the porcelain throne … let’s not get graphic today.)

I have 2010 resolutions up on a public notice board at work that goes:

  • 6pm ‘date’ @ KLCC park
  • 1 ice cream per month
  • 1 CBTL Moroccan Mint {skinny} Latte per week
  • 1 main meal per day

I visualise myself walking into GNC discussion fat burners with the ‘health’ consultant.

I source for a tattoo design that I would want to flaunt. And to flaunt I need a tout surface. To be tout I need to work out.

I recognise all the To Do Things, my weaknesses et cetera … but more importantly I recognise Gros.tex.

I feel sorry for those that don’t.
I feel no remorse calling those who don’t Gros.tex! in my loudest possible voice.  
(under my breath)

I mean, how can one possibly not see that is is grotesque to be in spandex when you have more spare tyres falling around than Niagara has falls?

Simple Gros.tex.




5 thoughts on “Gros.tex

  1. ahhh… i know exactly what you are saying. thot the same when i read the crap newspaper while waiting in line to use the crap joint recently. talentless hacks with connections. well, the operative word here is: connections

  2. How did this end up being about paint colours? Anyways, I was going to say if you are some ang moh or melayu with ang moh name, I am sure if you took like 200 photos of gros.tex people and compile it you will be a photo genius and celebrity. You'll get a Petronas exhibition. MPH will publish and circulate you book. etc. etc.But don't forget to mention vaguely its for charity!

  3. Yes! It's green… if you had asked me 3 years back I could probably give you the conversion numbers to Jotun mix. Ya know' the 2020G 5R or something like that. At the height of my par excellence I memorized 115 different conversion codes! :)Those were the 'moonlighting' visual merchandiser days.My all time favourite? Samarkand.

  4. i know i know (hands up)..Gros.Tex is either a dinosaur or a type of state of art fabric?????? lol.btw, morrocan mint sounds familiar…..errrmmmmm, errr, errrrr, i know i know (hands up), it's from the Dulux Supreme Color chart!!!!!! bingo! I win!

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