LOVE is …

the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence
Erich Fromm
That’s truly it!
How else do I explain my calm demure and flighty disposition while calling the mechanic, my colleague with a recent radiator issue and my lil brother?
(All this before placing a call to my mother and sister who would react rather irrationally, more so when putting into perspective the fundamental fact that it is NOT their car.)
How else do I explain my lack of agitation, frustration and shame of standing by the roadside in the middle of the night in a ridiculously hot black turtle neck and tweed pants as cars slow down to stick their nosy nose out to see (a) what’s wrong? (b) nombor 4 ekor (why is it call 4-tails?) and then proceed to give me the condescending “ahhh… a lady” look.
How else do I explain the joy and easy banter I have with foremen and tow truck ‘sharks’ on auto mechanic matters which, ahem, I am fairly proficient as a girl due to many reoccurring knowledge sharing sessions such as this.
How else do I explain my compliance level of swiping my ‘plastic’ when presented with bills that starts from 4 quid?
How else do I explain my tolerance and empathy … 9 years and going strong?
How else do I explain my instinct to kick a protest at the mere suggestion of me changing cars?

How else do I explain my Kill Bill smoldering ‘I am so gonna kill you’ look when someone mutter the word ‘junk’ car? 

How else do I laugh when my actual designated tow truck driver greets me with:
“aiyoh. Awak lagi kah? Baru ari tu saya tarik kat Sg Long kan?”

Yah. Yah. You did and did I say he’s one muscular dude with nice bottoms? Ahhh… see, there’s even a silver lining for pessimistic cynical me and an advantage of falling head over heels with a limited edition CBU Land Rover.
Well, baby Leland, ‘mommy’ LOVES you always. Be brave. It’s a ‘heart’ by pass*, but you’ll be a good bouncy health boy soon.
* verdict: change burst radiator tube + top overhaul engine
{ FYI a dry radiator or burst tube can disrupt your engine and if its connected to the gear cooling system, you gear too! :( } 

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