{happy?} New Year

If there’s an equivalent of a Christmas Grinch for the New Year, I should be nominated, possibly enthroned.
What’s so happy about the New Year?
Why do we not go about greeting everyone HAPPY New Month? HAPPY New Week? or let’s just go with the overdose HAPPY New Day. It’s just another part of the fundamental structure of the universe, a dimension in which events occur in sequence. It is time. But heck, let’s not even go into this. – even  the world’s greatest scholars have consistently been eluded in defining it in a non-controversial manner that will be applied consistently to all fields of studies.  Yes, a bit heavy for now when I’ve got people harassing me to get off living my second {occasionally abstract} life and join the celebrations with real, physical people whom I can reach out, touch and feel.  
Anyways, here’s how I look at it.
There’s nothing really to celebrate. There’s nothing really to usher in.
Thirty-first December makes us stop in our tracks and be reminded that one temporal period had passed with a few realities in-store: (1) older (2) could have been wiser on hindsight (3) could have done more (4) everything balances out (5) news: deaths,  murders, bombs, shootings, hijacks, natural disasters, health plagues, rapes, defamation,  lawsuits, Mergers and Acquisitions, market crashes …

thirty-first December Headlines
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Gus Dur expires – deepening Indonesia’s fragile democracy
Gaza perpetual protest and blockades
Finnish lone gunmen kills 4 in shopping mall rampage
Suicide bomber kills 8 US civilians in Afghanistan
Pakistan seeks terrorism charges against the US
possible Bali attack ‘warning’
woman’s body found in wardrobe
Health Minister warns of H1N1 2nd Wave
WHO reports 12,220 deaths from pandemic influenza
EPL match with no Englishmen ???
KLCI ends on a +ve note {well, of course! I could have ‘predicted’ that!!!}
a fellow volunteer’s mom has been diagnosed with Parkinsons
my colleagues dad is in ICU
et cetera

Will tomorrow be different?
Will the NEW year come on a clean slate? Do we get a second chance?

Hell, even the guy with the ‘Best Job in the World’ – Ben Southall – discovered today that life in paradise can turn ugly, painful and deadly {read HERE}

… so, is there really hope for a HAPPY new year?

Maybe … coz Once in a Blue Moon we do get a break! And tonight, whilst revelers in the Western hemisphere will ring in 2010 with a BLUE MOON*, I personally get a break from partaking in bottomless pit drinking sessions with a bug in my tummy.  

Happy New Year to all my friends!!!

A told me that people will think I am a loony if I said “Sad New Year” … so there … HAPPY New Year. Though not caring much about what others thinks, I sincerely wanna make a shout out to a few very special friends, whom I truly hope 2010 will present happier times:

S, Z, A, N, D  
who are not having a party but covering those terrifying news headlines
Hit-man, Oreo, Yogie (Bearie) Bear, VJ
who are sloshed out by now …
and the inner-circle babes 
b’coz I LOVE you gals

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

* The term “blue moon” generally refers to the second full moon in a month and occurs just once every 2.7 years. The last blue moon to shine on New Year’s Eve was 19 years ago, in 1990.


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