this ain’t MY life …

4 days into 2010 and nothing good has come out of it. I feel like I’m in some corny Hollywood chick flick movie where the protagonist wakes up one fine sunny morning to find that she’s living someone else’s life!
Monday Mourning Meeting
Who is on top of anything really? On a Monday morning. More so after a long vacation.
But I am forced to. How can I forget that one major last minute ‘KPI’ of mine (mind you it was forcibly forced onto me – the pass the bulk to the one that delivers scenario) has not been updated into the Bankwide system? Well, I have been shitting bricks since 30th December 2009 over this … and best of all, the person who’s supposed to have delivered this a month ago is not one least bit perturbed! This is not my life. I always meet all my deadlines and deliver beyond expectations.
Tummy Bug Persists + I GAINED the 10 pounds I lost!
How is this even possible?
First, I wasn’t even close to Delhi to get a Delhi-Belly.
Second, where did the 10 pounds come from? I can hardly keep the food down for the past one week. This can’t be me. Look, I may not have toned-up muscles, but I am not fat either!
Mighty Mouse kaput
.. not so ‘mighty’ after all and mighty me! 5 years later and with the introduction of the Magic Mouse, Mr. Mighty is only RM 30 cheaper! Geez … only el Jobso can get away with day light robbery. And outrageously, why am I splitting hair over 30 bucks? Why am I feeling so poor?
leland has a ‘heart’ condition
Whilst his ‘lung’ (radiator) has been sorted out after 3 weeks, he has been diagnosed with a ‘heart’ (engine) condition. We’re possibly looking at a ‘heart’ transplant in the next 3 months but ‘organs’ are hard to come by … well, that’s because there’s only 10 units of the same Land Rover in the whole goddamn Malaysia – a 2 door convertible CBU unit – and it’s ancient! Well, this is very me, but what’s not me is: I contemplated abandoning my ‘baby’ for a …
Bavarian horse
… in my shopping list?!?
Well, considering the year end discount + 3 years maintenance free + …
Even then, me and a Bavarian horse? wow!
O2 is cranky
It quit ringing (which isn’t a bad situation really).
But Gawd! I have to carry the old phone – a Brickberry – the dead from my pre-al Rajhi life have resurrected to haunt me. I am with a Brickberry – the very same gadget that caused me to turn down a job with quarter of a million ringgit share options!!!
Anyways, I sure hope it falls and break the ankle of anyone who asks.
(I swear I have nothing to do with ‘grandpop’ Robbie’s injured ankle)
Infatuation . Lust . Love? naw … just plain desperado
‘caught’ between one. Don’t ask.
O2 paid the price of the heated fury calls and messages that went through.
Frankly, I don’t care. They can kiss and make up. They can die together. Or separately.
… but for now, its a bit entertaining in my bored and restless state of mind – no phone. no mouse. no car. no food. no drinks. no life.
… but please, please, please mom, please stop making references to him. Or her. Or both of them.
Wait a minute! This can’t be right. She can’t be my mom. My mom hates all guys. This ain’t my life. They ain’t my friends. :)
a CITY hates me
Reserving my comments till I’ve calmed down adequately. I must not reduce myself to going down the path of destruction and brandishing a city. I mean this is a real geographical and political city that sovereignty is recognised globally.
I was snubbed!
yeah me. I know! This is amazing. Unheard off.
See, I messaged 7 people:
sms | i HATE the entire world. i HATE 2010. i 1 2 die.
Not one blardee lousy reply.
People listen up! I’ve got an elephant memory and an active imagination; I mentally selected and dragged ALL seven of you into the ‘TRASH BIN’ with the list of people whom should be burning in hell! Ha!
… but god spares them. Interesting how mean, cruel, evil beings outlived good people in every sense of the word.

Oops! time to call my lawyer – naw, he’s not one who deals with the people in my imaginary ‘TRASH BIN’. He is very much on top of the ‘TRASH BIN’ list.


8 thoughts on “this ain’t MY life …

  1. sweetie I was on a flight – sorry ya. I'll call you over the weekend when I get a breather. I'm so sorry. I'm sure something will work out soon enough and you will deliver. You always do. By the way, I have hot gossip about the stupid ex-boss you have. He's really a dungu and the reason he survives is coz he cares to lick arse and does a damn good job.

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