Work Diary: hey f2f-creators! we are launching soon …


12:31 am
FINALLY !!! our teaser/launch poster to be mailed out tomorrow.

I am itching to shoot this out to my boss and the CEO – can’t contain the excitement … but hell, better not push my luck especially when just 50-ish hours ago I just uttered “WHAT?!?” in the most irritated expression and tone to the latter as I turned my back to face him. Of course I didn’t know it was him silly! Otherwise, would I do something so foolish?
Anyways, that was a priceless moment and frankly I don’t know who was more stunned: me, the CEO or my colleagues … and mentally I saw myself shoving 3-ish years of ‘junk’ into a cardboard box, being frisked by our guard Indra and sent off.
As for the latter, well oh well, I owe her 15-20 page power point presentation for the upcoming Townhall … but hey! be fair. I had to run numbers; transfer them to the magical excel template I worked on for 2 days that allows the numbers to be cut and sliced any way with various simulations and graphical representation … blah, blah, blah; re-look and come up with a story line for the Townhall slides + look for graphics … and all the while I am thinking:
“SHIT!  f2f launches in a few days. We haven’t sorted out a more user friendly blog application, the forum categories and sub-categories have not be uploaded, the market place is not programmed yet … and oh, @#$% the launch story and poster!!!” 
{gulp, gulp, gulp}
Sure this was sort-off a hair brain idea from the standpoint that:
(a) I con my way too far in coming up with 3 ideas on how to run an internal Bank campaign …
(b) I should stop feeling intimidated by dares at my age. It’s so junior high school really! Dares that is.
(c) I sure can swing a story!
(d) it’s an additional ‘project’ I created out of nowhere and since its not a cast in stone KPI it’s ok to fail…
ah ha! But I am not one to fail.
So, I gathered some ‘suckers’ (whom I love to death) to volunteer their time (which is a scarce commodity if you are an Al Rajhi-an), redefined ‘Labour of LOVE’ for them, pile on some calories – make that a lot … but you really need the sugar rush to keep your eyes opened, fingers tapping and brains programming, … et cetera et cetera
{a top right hand glance at my Mac’s clock shows 12:48 AM . brain says: shut up Penny! Go to sleep. You can talk and type more tomorrow. Hey wait! I am in meeting from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM tomorrow brain. No lunch break either. Probably some 3-minute breaks for nature’s call that includes stirring a heap of instant yucky coffee into giant mug.}
so … oh, well, I’ll tell this story some time later on how we came to be a ‘highly coveted’ team talking in hush tones about f2f behind close doors.
But right now, this comic strip we came up with gets publish Bankwide tomorrow and our internal social network is open for all on 10.01.10 <– yup, we are not dumb. We know it’s a Sunday … but, it sounds so binary-lah 100110 and besides … we are an Arabic bank. They work on a Sunday!
{see, how I can twist a story!!!! blimme}


a BIG BIG BIG hug and thank you to all those that toiled over f2f
(and will continue this act of slavery for months to come)

7 thoughts on “Work Diary: hey f2f-creators! we are launching soon …

  1. cheques have shrunk … almost non-existence in the near future – dya know that? – well in any case that's heads-up info for we need facebook to fill the void cheques have/are leaving.:p

  2. What can you NOT do my dear princess? You put all of us to shame! Can't believe you drew that. Can't believe a bank allows facebook! When do you really work? ;p

  3. Thank you dear.We are cool man. Anyone who counts money and multiple them has to be plenty cool. So, take a stash of bills, prop yourself in front of a mirror and start counting.If you want them crisp, start ironing!!!!

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