5 interesting letters.
5 interesting characters.
I think I have a love-hate relationship with all of them. Only I know about these extreme polar feelings.

All 5 are highly eligible singles in their 30s:

Highly educated. Mostly ivy league. Mostly on full scholarships.
Respectable family backgrounds.
Good positions / portfolios with very promising careers.
…with me stuck in between (hence the letter {I} smack right there in the center of A.E.{I}.O.U)
none of the above interest me.
none of the above makes blog-able material.
the ONE thing that makes it note worthy is: all are still hung-up with their past. A woman.
Pretty much the same boring story.
hmmmmm…. interesting coincidence? You judge for yourself!
chats of every form reigns in his life: snail mail. phone. email. telegraph. sms. video. tv. blah3
With a couple of oceans apart, she left him with a longing heart.
For months he tried all chats.  But she got hitched anyways.
Delivered a child a few days (plus minus) on his birthday last year., which he (and he alone) thinks its a sign from God. A spite from God on his behalf. But I wonder…
I wonder too if this is a reason for his unwavering attempts at fellowships and scholarship abroad.
Another ‘spite’ for leaving his longing heart?
Another point to prove.

Structured + Investment is the epicenter of his life.
White or black. Nothing in between.
Cold. Calculated. Self assured. Easily mistaken as aloofness (I’m naturally minding my language here!)
She left him for someone far lesser. He told her that. She went nonetheless.
Divorced. 2 kids down.
He says to her face, “Ha!”
(yes, totally a ‘I-told-U-so’ scorn; quite unlike mr. cool-structured-and-calculated )

well… juz me.
No introductions needed by now.
Some says I am a megalomaniac.
Maybe. Maybe not. But, why not? What the heck? I mean…

‘for Pete’s sake! I have a blog (about me). A site (about me) … 14 google pages (about me) and counting … ‘
Add in my mild bipolar diagnosis … yes, I can’t handle anything that talks back really. Other than my crowded busy mind.

Yet, I am smitten and yet repealed by one of these characters. A? E? O? or U?
But does it matter? No. More so when I can only handle ME at any one point in time.
I know for sure {I} am stuck. Mostly in between.


Not exactly a first name (but very much part of his name).
Rattles on about kids’ college funds and investments on first dates!
I run for the bolted door.
Foolish ones pinned and stay only to be shoved out 2 years (plus minus) a few months later.
His brain may be talking kids and financial planning. Trust me, his heart is far from there.
She made out with his best bud. He ‘caught’ them in ‘it’. She took off … closely behind his bud.
A wanderer since then; jobs, countries and girls. I’m predicting the next dumpee casualty takes place in 3 to 6 months – max!

Who the heck names their child this? His parents obviously.
And therein was the problem, if you ask me.
She left but frankly that wasn’t the worse part, if you ask me.
Her quoting his ill equipped ‘facilities’ and name did it.
I’m not sure about the former, but I sure can attest to the latter. I mean, could you ever imagine those letters printed beside your name on a wedding card? Alongside your shared bank account? On your children’s birth certificate? Seriously, what were his parents smoking when they faced the birth registrar? One can only wonder…
and yet again, Penelope is suddenly a beautiful name although it has been badly pronounced many a times…




7 thoughts on “A.E.{I}.O.U

  1. WTH?!?You were the first to protest and nag about the roller-coaster phase. But yeah, I am missing the roller-coaster phase. Twisted huh?But the vision and dreams are of a different person I met almost a year ago (short of a few months).What happened to your life maxim of: we only live once?

  2. hi sweetness! i am back – finally.time for fattening Big Apples Doughnuts, lattes and loads of gossips. been missing you like crazy. so much to tell.oh, i hope its not O.if O is who i think it is. noooooo!!!sissy whimp. even i am more manly guurl…

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