it’s not JUST a piece of metal

My sister talked me into considering the Bavarian horses. I mean considering.
I suppose the flip of the coin decision to seriously consider the Bavarian horses came at the moment when she said she was offered a pre-registered (pre-reg) car at 20% discount. 2 thousand kilometers on the odometer. 2 months old. 2 years FREE servicing and warranty. 2.7% AF rates.
hmmm… that IS a good deal.
Plain and simple. Doesn’t take a Jew or Chinese to tell you that.
But more importantly:
  1. doesn’t ‘break’ my psychological glass ceiling in terms of pricing 
  2. way closer to the Volvo S40 price tag; an apple-to-apple (technical specs) comparison less the Bavarian branding clout.
In terms of preference, I buy into the Volvo lifestyle.
One of confident, intellectual, up-and-coming, secured, head-squarely-screwed-on-shoulder, cashmere turtleneck in woolen mix slacks bunch of folks who are equally at ease lounging on a Le Corbusier with Brahms playing from their sleek Bang and Olufsen and hanging on ropes and carabiners off the rock face of Kilimanjaro.
I don’t see myself fitting the bill of the coiffured, french manicured fresh out of Harvard Business School striding down Wall Street in freshly pressed single needle tailored pure cotton broadcloth with 21 stitches per inch Brioni shirt, making dinner reservations at Per Se with specific instructions to the French Laundry trained chefs on the preparation of foie gras terrine for four in celebration of a deal clenched moments ago. 
To top off what could potentially be an identity crisis for me and as if my Leland-withdrawal suffering isn’t adequate, it dawns on me that Bavarian horses are sedans. I am seriously considering a sedan. Gosh. A freaking sedan.
See, I swing either way … (ahem! not in the way you are thinking!)
I am either a 2-door convertible freak or totally into BIG 4×4 people mover type wheels – yeah, occasionally I slip into the MONSTER TRUCKS fantasy!!! {not! but I thought I humoured you for a bit with that}
And seriously, only I can find wheels that marries the two together; a 2-door Land Rover with a detachable hatch top. :p

But my dear friends, that’s not the end of my insanity…

as only I will drive with my tiny black car’s top off with the sun high above my head at 35 degrees along a jam-packed Federal Highway pretending to be oblivious of all the sweaty monkeys’ stares wondering if I am English man (and mad dogs) in disguise because the workshop had no parts with a smile plastered on my face!
Yes, I have suffered physical pain for the sake of vanity and somewhat twisted priorities in life… but Val, ahhh…. God Bless Val. She knows better than me … where on rare occasions she pulls the punches out and behaves like the authoritative older (sometimes wiser) sister and said:


With that, there was a ‘click’ and the phone line went dead.

Bummer. Only two caught my fancy honestly. The 135i and the 120i.

So here I am sitting upright in bed thinking what to do. I mean, I didn’t feel the slightest elation at the showroom. All I did was tap away at the calculator like a typical ceena, working on repayment schedule, service fees, insurance, projecting future resale value, depreciation and the works while bitting my tongue so as not to dampen the sales person’s spirits.

Seriously, do I care that the new model is twenty-four mm wider?

{blip} it’s just 1 inch on a car! Now, 1 inch extra on some other things may make a BIG difference, as my best-est gay buddy that came with me agreed judging from the sudden smirk that broke out on his otherwise stoic facial expression; one that was maintained to contain the fact that he’s hopelessly a Bavarian convert between us to avoid the siu yee situation. But what’s this sales guy going on and on about 1 inch?
Well, anyways, my patience wore out when he said my Leland baby isn’t the best of cars to have.
Oh well, he’s definitely a ‘richard cranium’ – excited over 1 inch.
No sale for him. I’m pulling cables from the top to ensure I get the 20% off and not the measly 6-10% he was proposing. To hell with your commissions. Sure as hell didn’t earn it.


6 thoughts on “it’s not JUST a piece of metal

  1. ha ha haVal is right!Just go for the 320 or go with Plan B of total downgrade. Besides, how fast can you go in the city? Who cares about power when you crawl at 5 – 40km/hr daily?

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