Are You Brilliant? re.think


Buzz… buzz… buzz…

I glance up. God I loath Alexander Graham Bell more than the caller who’s name flashes on the LCD screen. Well, if he didn’t invent it, she’ll still be smoking in her room and her homing pigeon would have fell flat on its back upon smacking its beak onto the double glaze windows. And I, well I would be in my blissful little world of thoughts – only thing is it is far from blissful but at least it’s mine and mine alone with the 5 to 6 comical ‘characters’ at work at the same time.

“Think of:
  1. something creative 
  2. something out of the box 
  3. something that will blow their minds,” she instructs.

My over zealous Ally McBeal mind responses:

  1. nothing. less is more. god is in the details {idiot!}
  2.  Jack-the-box? Edward de Bono?
  3. Al Qaeda?

Quickly these thoughts were replaced by John Cleese’s classic reply: 

‘{I} buy them from a little old woman who lives round the corner.’

If only that little old woman existed!

Hell-ho, I’d be there, outside her door, at the front of the queue come rain or shine, jostling with all desperate artist, creative directors, film directors, cinematographers … blah3 who have ran out of ideas.
hmmm… given that artist are 369 days desperate… gosh, she’s one busy little old woman with a permanent circus in her lawn.

But in reality, neither John Cleese’s reply nor the Ally McBeal responses surfaced. Just a meak,  
“oh, ok. yes,”
was uttered as I make my way out of the room to my seat cursing under my breath in a half daze as the reality of yet again I have been entrusted to take over another person’s work at the 11th hour when all has failed gradually seeps into my consciousness.
But this fact / reality doesn’t get me thinking that I am the biggest loser ever. I am thinking that the theory of relativity makes me the biggest loser ever.
There are occasions where you can’t deny the existence of brilliance. We’re not talking about just the geniuses of the world. Or confining ourselves to individuals with positive impact to our lives or society at large. I mean, Hitler is brilliant.
However, in this case I’m thinking of far lesser known individuals who came up with micro-financing, equitrade (move away fairtrade. make way for equitrade!), penny auctions, kutu (sheesh, not fleas, but the ‘duit kutu’ kutu yar-know? online version exists! check this out), flavoured straws, sudoku, parasitic architecture, flat-pack coffins (i kid you not! and it’s not from IKEA – I swear!, or even the mini market in my neighbourhood that sub-leased 3′ depth x 120′ width retail space along his redundant shop side glass panels…

But the one thing that strikes out in my mind is an email I once received (many, many light years ago) that went along these lines:

Dear Penelope,
You do not know me, but I am so-and-so. I own a villa in Toorak, a penthouse in Soho, a 200-foot yacht, 3 high-performance cars …
(the boasting continues endlessly, to which I am unable to recall… and ends with these big, bold letters)
(it then ends with a post-script)
P/S: Send AUD10. Yes! Just AUD10 and find out how I do it.
(the address was to: Minster Conman, GPO Box # 123, Melbourne General Post Office)
I waited in abated anticipation. And finally weeks later I received an email that says:


Now, missy buzz… buzz… buzz…, that’s brilliance for you. That’s “Think(ing) of something creative. Something out of the box. Something that will blow their your minds,” Fact is I have none of these attributes. I am yet to find the little old woman who lives round the corner. I am yet to develop a diabolical clever cunning mind.

With Bankwide performance rating leveling completed recently, all I have to say is:  

folks, re.think your level of brilliance!*
* base on the Bankwide ‘phenomenon’ of chalk-and-cheese comparison / perception of self worth (rating) and actual ‘forced ranking’ worth (rating) that I have been not so privilege to be able to see.

P/S: post scripts are always BAD news. One exclamation mark is bad enough. But if you see 5 consecutive exclamation mark, BEWARE!!!!! It can only be either a teenager or a minster conman behind it! 

6 thoughts on “Are You Brilliant? re.think

  1. The fact remains that you and missy buzz buzz have a very unique relationship which we all envy. She loves and adores you in the end of the day and that is what matters. You remain there for her too. Weird. But practical.

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