once bitten, twice smitten

< this is me today.

I would be doing this to me today if I were them.
It’s not just my overactive imagination. Or fantasy.

It’s a nice stress release-r.
I used to have one (electronic version) installed on my Palm Treo.  Heck! I bought a Palm Treo so I could install an electronic voodoo game. In any case, it’s better than buying a Palm Treo to install the Kama Sutra. Oh yes! Believe it, I used to know not one but two guys who did it. Anyways, that was in my previous 2 lives. Or was it 3? Ain’t matter too much.
Today I did it again.
 This time around I was honestly the passive bystander. Quite unlike the first time around where I admittedly engaged in a rather embarrassing abrasive negotiation feud with the (now ex-)Managing Director of Land Rover Malaysia.
This time around, the powers to be at the top did it on their own, perhaps out of pity for me … yeah,  possibly in recognition that I could do with some spare change for …
In any case, in a few short days, maybe a week or two, Leland’s full ‘reincarnation’ will take place. I am surprisingly in no hurry. I suppose, the second time around is less exciting and intense.

As far as those anxious ‘disciples’ goes … yeah, they sure as hell can’t wait to see the new ‘karmapa’ emerge… and everyone seems to wanna take him for a ride.


Yup, the predictable choice. no {gasp} please. I know its a silly, even stupid, choice.

But what’s a girl gotta do?
Once bitten, twice smitten.

{trust me, I pay (too much) taxes … and 2 ensure compliance, I’ve been ‘shipped’ off to Pricewaterhouse’s Taxation workshop tomorrow – yawn – for once I am looking forward to KL Hilton’s f+b offerings! Anyways, so yeah, that ^ is hard earned money}

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