"Joe Make Fire!" *


He sure DID. IS …
And as the boss rightly predicts WILL (continue to no ends). My bitching about not meeting Joe that is.

Joe’s coming.

He’s gonna tell us a thing or two about arranging, rearranging and re-rearranging the hot shoe ‘puppies‘ and tell ’em ‘puppies’ what to do to spark a photograph up.

He’s gonna explain the language of light.

And well, we, the devotees of Joe McNally’s flotsam and jetsam lunatic, but downright amazingly creative and artistic mind, try not to be awe struck and blinded by the glare of his brilliance and ahhh… well, strobes.

But, I’ve got a problem. 

problem: I wanna go see Joe talk the language of light this Saturday, but, I’ve gotta work either this Saturday or Sunday {or both}.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I could go see Joe on Saturday. Work on Sunday. Problem solve.
but, unfortunately, I am still Chinese (a banana no less) and the new year is <2 weeks away.
I need to stock the home up. I’ve got errands to run.

(Thank God for the option of outsourcing spring cleaning and God bless the mak cik who finally completed my baju kurung – see, she missed the ’09 Eid Mubarak, followed by Christmas and New Year celebrations deadlines … and shut up! I AM wearing a baju kurung for Chinese New Year. It fulfils the ‘new’ and ‘red’ requirement. It has peachy pink flowers on it.)

So, between work commitment, Joe, and Chinese New Year errands … something has gotta go.
or more precisely with : BOSS . Joe . MOM … something has gotta go.
errr… Joe is the common sense choice – no?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
some consolation thoughts offered to self:
I don’t shoot Joe style or subjects.
I am not interested in shooting Joe style or subjects.
I don’t like portraits. Wedding. Commercial. 
I don’t do portraits. Wedding. Commercial.
Hell-ho, a huge confession: I don’t own a single strobe.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

So, why the hell do I wanna see Joe?

No, no. I am not obsessed with the need to meet the big names.
I just know, Joe, being Joe will tickle my fancy. 
He’ll be witty. Sarcastic. In your face. I don’t give rats arse. Full of zest. aaahhhh… my kind of person!
And this is the very same reason why I can’t wait to age; to get to the ‘ripe’ age where I too can be cocky – adored and hated with equal intensity!
 * quote from page 75, The Hot Shoe Diaries, Joe McNally

8 thoughts on “"Joe Make Fire!" *

  1. I wonder what was said ^.Anyway, I think you are plenty cocky at 30-ish.Strong, intelligent, self assured women are a turn on too as long as you are not married to them. lol

  2. hmmm… now I am utterly confused. Rachel says ditch MOM, Serene says ditch BOSS.:Doh Serene, must live up to my black sheep status in the family. … who gives rats arse if heads turn???

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