V-Day: Are Men Dodos? explained

Question: Are Men Dodos? 
Answer:  nah… Women are just born with a manipulative gene 
Evidence? Valentine’s Day + Marriage
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{ this is naturally from a woman’s point of view / my POV to be exact }

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Inasmuch as I truly do NOT think Dick Masterson deserves another nanosecond (of air time) or another blink (visual stand point) of publicity for his trash Men Are Better Than Women (MABTW),  his work can be downright hilarious – once you’ve put on your blinkers and sanitize yourself with enough Valium to read through the profanity. Ladies, if you have none of those, well, let’s give the guy a break and look at it this way: Dick is an extremely emotional person, wrapped up in hatred for us, women. He needs help. 
If that does not strike a cord with your maternal instinct, how about appealing to your brain with this?
Dick’s attempting to be a marketing genius. ‘Attempt’ is the operative word here. 
The biggest error Dick has done is to condemn and insult > half the world’s population, which hello Dick? incidentally happens to be the half that makes majority of purchasing decision in the household and has greater disposable income then the smaller half (read: men).
… just so you know Dick, if you’re wondering why the heck do you need to have a pseudo name, a lecherous image and one heck of a lot of fund-raising activities for yourself and MABTW! You got the wrong marketing tactic!!! You don’t seriously think that the smaller half of the population is gonna buy your book, t-shirt, mug et cetera and face the dog house d’ya???
But anyways, as Dick rightly said, the institution of marriage was created by men. 
yes ladies!!! just when you thought men were incapable of commitment! but hold your breath … or put on some blinkers … {the rationale can be mildly insulting}  
history of marriage (quote-unquote Wikipedia)

Various cultures have had their own theories on the origin of marriage. One example may lie in a man’s need for assurance as to paternity of his children. He might therefore be willing to pay a bride price or provide for a woman in exchange for exclusive sexual access.

So Dick goes on to interpret this as women are sluts… and marriage was a countermeasure for sluts! 
{ I find this wildly amusing – and no, I am not on Valium. Just effective blinkers. }
The point is Dick, most women do not believe or want to be a party of the institutionalized marriage. Well, maybe because women are sluts. But I’d much prefer to think that women are just downright fickle – the fact that women needs at least 25 pairs of shoes is enough evidence. 
But the truth is: women do not want a marriage; they want a wedding
Talk to any woman and she’ll rattle on about the dress, the flowers, the cake, the cutlery, the crystal, the music, the bridesmaid, the invites, the scented candles, the honeymoon, blah blah blah… Go to the newsstand. errr … do a quick math. How many Wedding magazines vs. Parenting and Marriage???
The harder truth to stomach Dick is, women have long found 2 wonders in life: (1) the Pill + (2) Divorce lawyers {that will suck ’em men dry}
Both of which translates simply to: bring on the (Liza Minnelli) grandiose wedding that I want! want! want!

Yes, women have this unsatisfiable wants… and err… nothing gets in their way of wants.
Seriously, think about it. What does the numerous Christian martyrs named Valentine have to do with Valentine’s Day? not-a-thing. 
Point is no romantic elements were ever present in the original early medieval biographies of these martyrs and by the time a Saint Valentine became linked to romance in the fourteenth century, distinctions between Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni were utterly lost. But do women care? Nope. Women are generally driven by their unsatisfiable wants and as a matter of fact if poor sorry saggy ass Lola is getting the latest must have Prada, sorry toad face sissy voice Tom has to fork out half his mortgage on the Hermes Kelly bag for a Valentine’s date!
… and that’s how it is.
Smart men capitalise on it. 
The average gets exploited.
woomen just … ahhh well …
( This photo is NOT taken by Penelope Gan. Again, if I knew who took it I would have given credit. Lovely shot BTW! )

10 thoughts on “V-Day: Are Men Dodos? explained

  1. Tell me about it. What's with women and Valentine? That Dick guy is a dick head lah. Need to learn to respect women but its all bullshit marketing lah. I think that photo was in Vogue. Ask Phil or Ah-freak. They are into commercial and models. They will know.

  2. i think the photo is from the set of marie antoinette…or u oledi know 1?busy giler kebelakangan nie, will do a thorough reading thru yr posts….sigh. u r going way tooo fast, lah. lol.

  3. Welcome back! Or where ever you are now. :)Tom? No Tom. Tom is 'just' …Dick? Stumbled upon. Saw his book a few years back. The aura/heat from my finger did not even touch its cover – must have been a sign! ha haNo-la not into books like that.Buzz me since you make more than me.:p

  4. hmmm… that joker better be gay or into carpark lizards. I don't think he'll be any where near kittens any more.As a half women I am insulted! So Princess that shrinks his market even smaller. Where the heck did you find that @#$R%^&^ $&^#%&!% anyways?

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