things just happens

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When Harry Met Sally
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Harry: Why don’t you tell me the story of your life?
Sally: The story of my life?
Harry: We’ve got 18 hours to kill before we hit New York.
Sally: The story of my life isn’t even going to get us out of Chicago. I mean, nothings happened to me yet. That’s why I’m going to New York. 
Harry: So, something can happen to you?
Sally: Yes.
ahhh… if only.
Nope silly. Not about something’s gonna happen. Well that too, but probably 20% only since optimism and I are inhabiting the extreme polars in this universe.
If only (a) someone would ask me. On the plane. In the airport. I used to spend loads of my conscious, sub-conscious, semi-conscious, and unconscious hours there. But I guess I scowl too much to be approachable.  Or my ‘I am too busy and successful (ha! if only) to be bothered with your mortals’ act was worthy of multiple awards?
If only (b) I could be bimbo-ish cutesy with such an air-headed flippant unnecessary reply that has really added no value in anyone’s life.
(hang on! Isn’t this blog doing just that (^)?)
If only (c) I really have nothing going for me, or (c*) I really have nothing peculiar happening to me.
The problem is (c) mostly. 70%. I’ll say. 
10% blame assigned to bimbo-traits non-existence!
20% on anything else that might fancy me then. 
I have a lot happening. Everything happens to me. It’s just me, I figured. Plain me. 
Look, I don’t necessarily go out seeking me. me. me. opportunities / events. 
Things just happens to me
(I am yet to watch this classic but I feel like I’ve ‘seen’ it. Well, Mr. Trivial Pursuit who has an inbuilt SQL has described it in great lengths and details. That, I love about him. Animated. Hilarious. Sarcastic. (Semi)Dark. Much more brilliant than most. Last point is of utmost importance although two nights ago it has been established that he is only ranked #2 in Geeky-dom, falling short only because of a slip in his Thor mastery.)  
Oh blimmey. I’ve lost my plot. This happens when I start about my truly amazing friends. The rare finds. The gems. 
Oh ok. Gottit. We were talking about (c). Yes, yes, back on track.
I think it must be my aura
I’d like to think its a truly cool fluorescent coloured Paddle Pop like Popsicle with swirls that lights up the Black Hole of the universe with its illuminating glow.
I once went for a scholarship interview which asked me about the Black Hole. I had no freaking idea what the man across the table was going on about. I have obviously minimal bollocks skills at 16. Or maybe I could not get pass his plastered smile on his moon crater face spotting the hairdo of a 3rd class Spanish gigolo who could pass on as a poster perfect boy for Brylcreem’s ‘what happens when you use generic hair cream’.
I didn’t like star gazing as a hobby (though stipulated in my resume … purely to impress).
I like gazing at the guy who loves peeping through the telescope. I like gazing at the guy who would spend hours with his gaze transfixed to the night sky.
and duuuHHHH
I won the astronomy essay (this is for real, and not to impress) so I could give the mega cool telescope to the star gazer who will then gaze into my eyes with gratitude and disbelief for 2 seconds.
Anyways, my aura.
Yes, yesterday at lunch it attracted a ‘lion’ who devoured-embraced part of my face-head in its mouth and then did the all-so-Parisian muah2 cheek smoochie.
Well, that was weird.
But ‘lion’ kisses is kindda cool especially when it is a ‘lion’ who does double twist pirouettes on stilts.

Well, grandpopsie Robbie and Uncle Ron says the ‘lion’ kiss will bring me loads of good luck for this lunar year, since just a ‘lion’ dance, presence and reverence to the Gods is meant to be enough to bring luck … so, we’ll see. Though, I truly hope so. I need it so much… I need divine intervention this time around. It’s serious business. My uprooting will place some holidays at stake and oh, I really, really want to go for the TTP Photography Workshop. So, plur… lease …. mr ‘lion’.

* oh, by the way, I did secure the scholarship. Gigolo man ended up being my mentor and in my 19-months with him I learned a thing or two; Executive Director positions do not discriminate against looks, grooming, moonlight(ing) “professions” and non-Brylcreem products! 


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