(trying) to end February with a ‘fatt’


Hence, I am pushing for the 8th post this month.

Generally I am not superstitious. Or religious; though I usually either spot a huge Tibetan turning wheel pendent with prayers in it or a Ganesha pendent around my neck whenever I am not with something trendy-er and pricy-er. The former is because “I can have one too” and the latter is coz I just adore mr. elephant God.  
I met a woman some days back who asked what Chap Goh Mei is about. I said, “the Chinese version of grown adults, but rather desperate, who plays Pooh Sticks with mandarin oranges.”
Her reply caught me by surprise.
This is a mother. An educated, vibrant, outgoing sort of person. 
How could she not know Pooh???
Oh, ok. She asked, “What’s Pooh Sticks?”
Reasonable. Not everyone reveres The Bear With Very Little Brain.
But having explained Pooh Sticks and connecting the dotted line {coz not everyone gets my humour} with Chap Goh Mei, I was met with “But who is Pooh?”
“Winnie-the-Pooh,” I replied rolling my eyeballs – I honestly, can’t help it. The tendons holding the balls together are not very good at controlling the balls. That’s the plain “truth”.
Sensing I was still not hitting home run, I offered Eeyore, Piglet, Kanga, Tigger, Roo, Christoper Robin and even the owl.
Gosh! It’s not as if we have an Amish community or something close to it.
Even then, the Amish would have heard of Michael Jackson, the Eiffel Tower, Elvis …and Pooh.
All I could think off hours later was accusatory thoughts of:
….How she has deprived her children.
….How she has stifled the retail industry.
….{especially the China bikin Thailand malee versions of Pooh with a tat too much turmeric on his fur}
….How she could allow modern pop-culture not taint her.
….{and yet I can’t ‘forget’ my mobile for a day without being accused of things and called names!}
…. How could she not give this cuddly little bear incapable of offending anyone’s sensibility a chance.
….{it doesn’t matter that Pooh is stupid beyond belief and a lazy greedy-guts par excellence}
Having typed out my final point, well, perhaps it is best that she remains in her cocoon of ignorance. Her kids are probably the only ones growing up without a bad role model.
However, when I become a bear of very little brain {and I mean at least 50 times worse that me, pre-caffeine shots in the morning}, when I am dribbling and tied to my bed in an institution, I would want a thick, gentle and kind ‘guy’ by my side. Besides, Pooh sure is fatt {less one ‘t’}.

5 thoughts on “(trying) to end February with a ‘fatt’

  1. Hey Jon! 'pooh sticks' – the game pooh and his mates invented where standing on a bridge, they will drop their sticks into the flowing river than run to the other end of the width of the bridge to see whose stick passes through first – that's the winner.

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