Travel Diary: travel booking jinx


It escapes me as to why I can never get it right!
Yes, N-E-V-E-R-!-!-!



Gosh! Idiot Penelope. That was simply idiotic. Idiot redefined!
See, I’m suppose to be on D7 2009 for my return flight. Unsure if the (honest?) mistake pisses me off more or the fact that I am curse. 
I should stop being harsh on myself.
I am definitely positively cursed. With a track record, I made it a point to clarify this information at least twice – in writing, mind you – with WT. 
WT, of course obliged and provided the information calmly. 
hmmm… not a typical WT trait normally. :p
So for him, I am convince it must also been a case of ‘once bitten, twice shy’.
See, WT has in the past survived 2 incidences of the Gan-sister’s inability to get dates/time relating to travel right {read one of such incident HERE}.
In any case, the departure time still seems weird. Well, not peculiar weird.
And yeah, you can’t spot it by the screen shot but trust me when I say the curves forming the digits are different from WT’s itinerary. There’s at least a 2 hour difference between my departure time and him. But hang on, this is the red airline. By that I mean, how many flights can they possibly have in a day?
Bah! the red airline!!!
I can only hope nothing untoward happens. I sure as hell won’t be amuse given the fare I paid which wasn’t such a great deal, knowing that Emirates was flying cheaper and I could have redeemed my Enrich frequent flyer points.

so why the red airline? you wonder, having read my previous post on the red airline.

Well, for one, WT got his tix earlier for MYR 1,423 return. 
Now, even Your-Worse-Nighmare-Airlines can’t do it that cheap…
Coupled with the irrational fact that I can’t handle even the remote IDEA of logistical land transfer hassle in both countries, I’d rather put up with potential dis-utility with the red airline.
I did say ‘irrational’! :)
Secondly, 14 hours with a company that would actually talk to bearish-sulky me is a big plus point.
Still wanting to talk to me after I survived a 14 hours flight is a miracle. See, I am plain grouchy. I mean, I like grouchy. It’s lime green in my crazy visual mind.
Lastly, though I’ve always like the stop-over in the gulf lands (a nice 50:50 break) pre-nine-eleven, I’d rather not be blown up into pieces. Yet. 
There I was thinking that: 
‘hey, I doubt they will blow-up their own kind’

Grand-popsie Robbie burst my thought bubble by saying:
‘you kidding me??? they all go straight to heaven.’
anyways, on second thoughts, they might just jail me for smooching Teddy! Indecency no doubt, if sms were considered sinful. I sure hope they can’t detect intoxication-cum-exhaustion, as WT and I are considering to par-tee like an animal the night before and pass out for the entire 14 hours. The only way we know on how to deal with a culture desert flight. {how can they not have entertainment?!?}

9 thoughts on “Travel Diary: travel booking jinx

  1. @phil – yeah. I'm gonna start loving all my enermies. How about that? :p@andy – you think? I'm getting palpitations thinking about being stuck on a culture desert for 14 hours. Maybe this is God's way of saying "Penny,it's time to get an iPod"rofl@Anonymous – autumn. Must have booked early or something. He's a great bargain hunter.@photofreak -:p

  2. ha haToo funny and unbelievable. The princess is going on a no frills flight. 14 hours some more. I think you've gone too far this time girl. I can't wait for the post describing the flight. ;p

  3. That's the problem with people who only flies Business Class.Also what did I tell you about hating something? It's all about the law of attraction. :)

  4. aiyoh. this one really @#$$$ %#^$&$* one.Cost me 70 bucks for meal!!! Just did it. can't help it. 14 hours need water. Blardee @#$%&%^*$^( ^#*&* man!!!i don't do this very well. hate cheap flights!!!

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