i swear it wasn’t me!

Just thought this is so appropriate after the last post… but yeah, first thing first, let’s set some records straight :

…..1.  I swear it wasn’t me!

…..2.  My finger prints are not at the crime site.

…..3.  There’s skin on my knuckles.

…..4.  My camera did not take the picture. Nor did my O2 {that decided to emulate Jesus after 7 days}.

…..5.  I work for a Bank whose CMYK code is 0 0 0 90 {and that reads: NOT red}

…..6.  Yes, a {foreign} customer did attempt 22 times …
…..7.  There was nothing wrong with the ATM or his card.

…..8.  His brains works fine {they just don’t read English, Malay or Arabic}.

…..9.  Not all things are common sense.

10. Sign language {middle finger included} only works in person with another person. 

11. “f2f” is not a bad word {but an oasis to talk bad about anything and especially your boss}

12. shucks! my boss reads this blog and is on f2f.

But frankly, if you are even for the slightest moment thinking of taking skin off your knuckles on an ATM with the CMYK code of 0 0 0 90 … errr… I would think twice. 

Pssst… this is the unofficial poster which grandpopsie Robbie says I can post only on f2f coz :
(a) it’s a skirt !!! purely to irritate me coz missy woody woodpecker (a.k.a WP) wore a short viscose skirt to work and wasn’t sent home! double standards 
(b) Banksy = Bank-what? to WP

4 thoughts on “i swear it wasn’t me!

  1. Who's WP?@Anonymous – it's an ATM picking children up with claw arms. Banksy as Princess Penelope (hee hee) has educated us before in this blog is a graffitti artist with a dark political side.

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