MY Rule #213


Never watch a “lift-me-up movie” in the depths of depression.
No comebacks. No underdogs. No chick flicks.

But I have a confession to make: I HATE chick lit, but LOVE chick flicks!
I suppose that beneath the hardened {ok – bitchy!} exterior of the overworked and stretched persona, I am a big softy on the inside and easily fall for cheesy, unbelievable stories of romance. 

Let’s see… I LOVED Serendipity, As Good As It Gets (the dog!), Something’s Gotta Give, How To lose A Guy in 10 Days (with the exception of her yellow gown), Wedding Crashers, An Ideal Husband, Definitely, Maybe, Ghost, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, Notting Hill, Love Actually, Shakespeare in Love, Jerry Maguire (” you had me at ‘hello’ ” … classic!), You’ve Got Mail, The American President, The Holiday (my love extends beyond the Range Rover and Cameron Diaz’ snowy white turtleneck), A Knight’s Tale, It’s Complicated, Maid of Honor, 27 Dresses (really lame but still…), P.S. I Love You (Cathay Pacific never had a Business Class passenger that cried two tissue box out before this), Must Love Dogs, In Her Shoes 

So there. The confession.
But MY Rule #213 still applies. “Lift-me-up” movies just makes you feel worse. The higher the ‘up’, the darker the depths of the ‘low’ are.

Sigh. I just watched “Did you hear about the MORGANS?”

Really bad. Movie wise. Hugh Grant is actually visibly and painfully old. The story line and script is so cheesy … and yes, I am feeling even lower despite all the bad points and  I am suppose to go through the BITs* folder and write the internal employee engagement newsletter. My feature story was suppose to be about an underdog branch with a comeback in 2009.
But I guess having both ‘underdog’ and ‘comeback’ in one sentence is a no-no for now. Deadlines or otherwise.
.*BITs – Business Integration Teams

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