LOST & FOUND: the blue monk!

 Photo © Penelope Gan – All Rights Reserved – Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, CAMBODIA
There you go guys … the blue monk. Of course the monk monk isn’t blue! And don’t ask me why it’s called the ‘Blue Monk’ coz I didn’t call him that but one of you did. :p

By the way, is it ‘Blue Elephant’? or ‘Blue Pumpkin?’ and is that eatery in Bangkok or Siem Reap? Just wondering…



8 thoughts on “LOST & FOUND: the blue monk!

  1. ah the blue monk appears!:)Thank you. You are a very good girl. You listen to the old ah peks like me and ah phil. lolI shudder to think what you work would look like if you mastered digital darkroom. We all must hang our gear up.

  2. nope.digital darkroom – photoshop lah.and even then, it wasn't me who did it. someone demo it to me … and saved it. loli dunno photoshop – still looking for someone who can teach me.

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