(gawd) : My Family Part 3


If you had siblings and your parents said:

‘we love all of you equally’, this is the truth.

If you are a 2nd child – uh huh the 2nd Child Syndrome – or a middle child, an audible protest synchronized with some violent arm movement would have resulted from the statement above.
Yes, I am a 2nd child. And yes, for the 2nd time, the 2nd Child Syndrome does exist. This is the truth. But we’re not talking about it today.

Parents DO love us equally. Or the same.
Which works out to the same equals equally.

The problem with this I discovered is: love is NOT infinite {My parents’ love at least.}
And to make matters worse, it is divided by the number of siblings you have.
Mathematically it looks like this:

(your brothers + sisters + YOU)

From this we can deduce that you are worse off if you have more siblings.
But when they tell you: numbers do NOT lie … that’s a lie.
The above is a lie. 
See, those of us who have siblings knows that you ARE better off with more siblings.

The more diluted the LOVE is, the more you get away with things.


Ask any baby boomer *. I dare you.

Life was a bliss then. I mean, there’s literally a hundred kids living on one block. At the neighbourhood play ground, you’d find at least two thousand of them; once freshly scrubbed face and flouncy hair smelling of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo now all smudged up with dirt, Walls ice cream, dried-up tears/mucus. Point is parent’s in the baby boomer era just can’t cope to care much. There’s at least 7 look-a-like anyways and countless of Mary, Jane, John … so all is good regardless, just take your pick of the best kid out of the 7 look-a-like.

My suspicion on this theory was confirmed recently over two incidences:

My mother’s steadfast refusal to allow me to learn to ride a motorcycle, thereby crushing my 5-year preparation plan to do a 2-months long ‘kap chai‘ ride around Indochina. Reason cited? “I’ve only got 2 daughters. Not 6.”


I have NEVER been to an amusement park … let alone on a ride. All this while I had thought that dropping off tokens for a spin in a big giant spinning teacup was against our “religion” (which also does not permit burning fireworks) … but hell no! Even at 30 (plus a few years) I was met with  heavy protest when I casually mentioned I wanted to take some shots in a makeshift traveling amusement park – much like a traveling circus. Reason cited? “It’s dangerous. I don’t have 6 kids.”


…..6 kids is the threshold numbers of kids for mom.
…..Kid #7, #8 … and so on and so forth … well, guess what? You are can be sacrifice! {smirk}
…..Dis-utility extends to LOVE; it gets to a point of indifference.

…..Children are indeed expendable.
…..Me deprived of a childhood without Fun Fairs had nothing to do with our unique “religion”.
…..I was/am naive. I believed that Anaheim is a planet beyond Jupiter  …

.+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Despite the wrong reasons, mom was right. The amusement park was a let down … stationary rides and a park void of kids is a bit eerie.
Photo © Penelope Gan – All Rights Reserved
(top) the Ferris Wheel remains stationary as night sets in
(bottom) a mixed-carousel of ponies for the girls and cars for the boys; neither of which were present during my 3 hour stay at a traveling Fun Fair in Balakong, Selangor, MALAYSIA, recently.
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
* More evidence as to why life as a baby boomer is neat…
In 1957 (two years after the orange trees were flattened to make way for one hundred acres of car park space and sixty acres of the park (Disneyland) itself) Time magazine reported that the average customer spent $4.90 on a day’s outing in Disneyland; $2.72 for admission and rides, $2 for food and $0.18 for souvenirs. 
It’s shocking to me to know that these pricing were considered ‘shocking prices’ back then. 
Inflation is a bitch.

9 thoughts on “(gawd) : My Family Part 3

  1. eh, isn't kapchai HCMC dangerous? it's a sea of zoom-zoom kapchais!!!Sept??? Aiyoh, i surely won't have license then let alone enuf practice. you reckon how many home-market-home-pasar malam trips i need to make before i qualify to kapchai somewhere exotic? but hey, kapchai trips is to get around only rite? not like a fullfledge motocycle trip, rite???

  2. lookin at it, yr position as the 2nd is still accorded with the privileges+glam of the first.lol. i hv cycled a full circle of guilin, 'kapchai'ed chiangmai city and up to doi suthep, 'kapchai'ed bali/seminyak-kuta, may kapchai HCMC come sept, JANGAN MARAH. (note, dont even dare to kapchai in penang/KL)

  3. @Andy – 5 yrs later lah.Like governments and organisations in the world I have 5-year, 10-year plans oso. :p@Ben'kap chai' coz all 'kap chai' in SEA are the same and given the proliferation of 'kap chai' in Indochina, it can be easily repaired and to replace parts. Lastly before I leave my last point, I can sell the sad piece of junk for a few cold drinks I suppose.:)

  4. eh read pro-pah-lee lah.i said 2nd child OR middle child… the anak2 tersingkir. :)i dunno. i didn't go to disney ever.i don't get to do a lot of stuff but hey, i got to ride a cool pink toysarus racing bike to school at 11 y.o. and camping at 8 y.o.. none of which precious first child Val got to.:)but i really wanna do the kap chai thingy lei – in theory at least though something tells me by day 3 i will cry by the side of the road.

  5. how can d 2nd child a middle child when there are only 2 children? lol? btw, i m a 2nd child and a middle child too….:P! i dont know whether i should sigh or yay!…u 'teach' me lahh…lol.

  6. I think the formula for the threshold number of kids is:number of (actual kids x 3) OR 20 (whichever is higher)So that's why yours is 6. …. I'm just guessing on the "20"….

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