Travel Tips 101: Uncle Hồ’s Vietnam Itinerary

Day 1
off to HANOI
Flight Air Asia AK870 | KUL 6:30 am  HAN 8:50 am
around HANOI  
Old Quarter
French Quarter

Day 2

and environs

Day 3
Ha Long Bay (return)
around HANOI
Ba Dinh District
off to HUE (688km from Hanoi) 
Train Vietnam Unification Express SE3  | HAN 11:00 pm  HUE 10:39 am +1day

USD 28 (private 4 berth air-conditioning coach)
(stops at Vinh at 0407+1, Dong Hoi at 0745+1, Hue at 1039+1, Danang at 1303+1, Dieu Tri at 1813+1, Nha Trang at 2142+1 and Saigon at 0430+2)
Luxury option that features private 4 berth air-conditioning sleeping carriage with a bar, toilets, LCD TV, private music system in each cabin,  etc… with free drinks, fruits, confectionery, newspapers, toothbrush, toothpaste, magazines, comb, slippers go with Livitrans.
HAN 7:00pm HUE 8:15am +1day
USD 43 (private 4 berth air-conditioning coach)

 Day 4
arrive @ HUE 

Information on DMZ HERE

I’ve not been personally but was told the Vinh Moc Tunnels are way more authentic and ‘the real deal’ than the Chu Chi tunnels out of Ho Chi Minh. Other than that Khe Sanh Marine Base is the only thing worth visiting in the DMZ area. So, you decide if the drive is worth your while. HERE‘s a blog on a traveler account to DMZ who tool the 1-day organised tour to DMZ from Hue @ USD 9 per pax.
Personally, I would have opted for Dan Keith choice; take the local train from HUE and hook up with a reliable guide in Dong Ha, if I were ‘roughing’ it out a little. Sandra Brite’s is do-able for a bigger group and with people of diverse age group and fitness level; i.e call Mr. Trung @ 0905376140 or | 38 tran cao van street. Either option provides you the feasibility of customising your DMZ itinerary, thereby packing in sites you would want to see and spend more time in DMZ. Also cuts down overall travel time.

Day 5 HUE

 The Citadel and Imperial Palace
Thien Mu Pagoda
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
  Tu Duc Tomb
Khai Dinh Tomb
Minh Mang Tomb

 Day 6
off to HO CHI MINH / SAIGON (1038km from Hue) 
Vietnam Airlines 
VN251 HUI 09:15 – SGN 10:35
VN253 HUI 17:10 – SGN 18:30
VN255 HUI 20:10 – SGN 22:00
USD 73 one way

OR (more cost effectively)

Train Vietnam Unification Express SE1  | HUE 08:06 am  HCM 04:10 am +1day
Train Vietnam Unification Express SE3  | HUE 10:44 am  HCM 04:30 am +1day
Train Vietnam Unification Express SE5  | HUE 01:07 am  HCM 20:00 pm

Train Vietnam Unification Express SE7  | HUE 19:58 pm  HCM 16:48 pm +1day

 Day 6 & 7 (if by flight) | Day 7 & 8 (if by train)
 around SAIGON 
Giac Lam Pagoda
Chinatown – Binh Te Market (Cholon District 5 – historical area)
Ben Thanh Market
Reunification Hall
Notre Dame Cathedral
Post Office
War Museum

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

for {tips} + my POV


around HANOI + Ha Long Bay click HERE
HUE {+ DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) – oops! none } click HERE 

for SAIGON coming soon in the possible near future 
I am kindda tired of writing about Vietnam and Cambodia. oh yeah ba-be-y, I don’t take orders well … so that’s about as much I can stomach from ‘puffer fish’ for now.

  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
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2 thoughts on “Travel Tips 101: Uncle Hồ’s Vietnam Itinerary

  1. A very tight and exhausting one. I'll personally drop:(a) either Halong or DMZ, (b) or do either Hanoi or Saigon, not both.Why not just do Chu Chi Tunnels near Saigon?

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