Work Diary: WTH {replaceable with -F} do "we" need a blog???

I’m beginning to think I have an alternative career: a lab test rat.

I am every physician’s dream of the walking example of stress related ailments.
Of course they are all self inflicted. But I can’t help {over}reacting. I am made that way.
So, when surrounded by those with very little brains without the charms, pot belly and pots of honey of Pooh… I am in a serious need of stress management. Anger management as well.
 YAwww… listen up people, I don’t need no people management, financial management and what-eva-up-your-{blip}-management. Listen, I don’t need or want to be shipped off to school again … not that damn school at least. Not at the “price” I have to pay.
I don’t want to know more about people management. I don’t even like the first part of the word. I am not fond of the second in the purist form. I don’t understand why people wants to be managed.
If Sugiman aka Roaring Forties is still following my blog, I am in for a deserving lecture … from an older, wiser but extremely cool dude. Oh, incidentally, if you were to google me {with or without including Roaring Forties}, you’d find an embarrassing combo of: Penelope Gan + Roaring Forties + My First Prostitute! all in one. Yes, we somehow are interconnected that way. But not that way.
I am finding myself in the middle of a situation where things are happening in their own course that’s beyond my control and goes against every grain of my value-system. Since I can’t possibly change the environment by sacking almost every living microorganism {not that I can}, I should then eradicate myself from the environment.
Point is, whilst the ‘spotlights’ are finally being sent for further polishing and upgrades, so too has a sickening culture of condoning losers; herein known as Light.Emiting.Diods – which one of my colleague pointed out correctly that consistently outlives ‘spotlights’ 10 times over, at the very least.
Amazing that mediocrity gets the brunt. But the empty vessels (i.e. lovely cutesy, colourful LEDs), who’s only gift is the gab, are increasingly getting away with ‘murder’. In the ‘phallic’ environment, ‘murder’ equates to simple-no-nonsense-no-brainer-norms like more ‘hands and legs’, bigger expense budget, lower targets, flexible deadlines, vendors at your dispense, consultants at your beck-and-call, outsourcing services … oh, and the latest trends seems to be hiring event management companies to run pre-school standard internal activities which your un-schooled grandma could have done without batting an eyelid.
The latest project that I was asked my opinion on is a blogsite set-up for the most convoluted purpose, which I am not in the position to reveal {yet} … given I have not found a ‘float’ should I be forcibly removed now, NOW!
Not only does the objective sickens me to my gut {admittedly not a difficult feat given my healthy peptic ulcer}, the cost of setting up the blogsite  is somewhere in the region of 10 quid!
{smirk} whokay, now that your eyes are fully dilated …
we all know that:
no way should blogs, micro-blogging, forums cost anything beyond the acceptable host and server space {if need be}. Everything in that realm is Free.Of.Charge. And you don’t need the proficient and/or the obsession and intellectual wit of a geek to work Linux or Ubuntu. There’s at least a trillion idiot proof freeware that would not break a sweat on a single Madagascar’s character {hmmmmm… which incidentally is smarter that at least half the empty vessels around here}.
blogs, micro-blogging, forums are the IN-thing, but it does not mean that everyone should be jumping on the bandwagons. Shaky wooden wheels aside, not all organisations are made to survive the ride, or fit the back of the wagon. Generally you cannot possibly expect or force a square peg organisation to transform into a round peg to fit a round hole. And when it comes to the world where geeks rules and pixels blinks, there’s no time to learn the game and play catch-up.
the deceitful purpose supported by the anonymous proxy implementation mechanics puts it at the same level of distaste for nails dragging against a chalkboard. And if no one has thought about the risk of the truth being dragged out in public … sigh, I rest my case on the impending number of growing empty vessels around here who are more interested in listening to their voices and delivering a hollow sales pitch with gusto!
blogging needs commitment. energy – attitude – anarchy – loads of trashing {or information/tips/freebies/sins} to work. Outsourcing the development and maintenance {for a brief period} at 10 quids! is not going to give you genuine feedback and penetration. I mean, given that the outsourced party has not heard or done SEO … ya know what I mean? These guys are probably getting their friends from Timbuktu, Mali to Gustavus, Alaska to leave lame comments. And I know that our own empty vessels would not have (1) dictated and customise the Stats Reports, and (2) done IP tracking.
who in god’s name wants to read, let alone comment on this topic??? – which again, I am not able to reveal, but hey, when Penelope tells you it’s an:
OMG! My facial anxiety reading this piece of blogged-up crap will get me into trouble with the visual stimuli terrorist detection system! at the airport,
 you know I won’t need to be hooked on a polygraph to tell the truth.
Trust me, I am telling you the truth: It is bad.
So, whilst I can’t be telling mr.CEO this … and it’s really gonna be difficult to sound generously flattering {in this case, it would have found its equilibrium point along the middle-of-road approach aka objective and professional} … it’s going to be yet another gala weekend for my eczema and peptic ulcers while I mull over an appropriate reply, void of a ‘float’.

10 thoughts on “Work Diary: WTH {replaceable with -F} do "we" need a blog???

  1. Clearly work related and only those who knows will understand.However, just keep well my little one. Don't get too worked up and whatever you do I am sure you would have thought through it. Don't jump from a pan to the fire.Take care,J.D.H

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