Movies: Up In The Air … and Juno

With great anticipation I popped the DVD in and waited for (like forever) to boot up. Things in my possession last one heck of a long time. I am typing my blogs on the iBook G4 – yup the 3.0 kilos one! – with a battery life of 3+ hours. Said enough?
Everyone who knows me enough has been saying one or the other to me in the past month:
“have you seen ‘Up In The Air’?”
“Oh. You MUST watch ‘Up In The Air'”
… and these words are muttered with much enthused – by my standards anyways. 
So, the thing is this. The DVD finally plays. I sink myself into my 12 year old sofa (which I wished was due for upholstery, but not) and try not to succumb to irritation when 1970s looking aerial view of cities, coastal lines, mountain ranges, candy floss clouds and countless of runways was shown. By the time it crept way past the main cast – none of which I am familiar with, with the exception of George Clooney (and for the record, I am not alone in this aspect as ‘Up In The Air’ is more popularly known as or referred to in colloquial context as: aiyah, the George Clooney show-lah where he gilar frequent flyer points one ah…’) – I figured this is a real cheh kai movie.
The very fact that the hair, makeup, set, lighting, music, location scout person is given credit can only mean one thing: 80% of the salary budget when to George Clooney, 20% is shared amongst the rest with the promise of a 2.43-second fame multiplied by the number of times ‘Up In The Air’ is screened and viewed by the entire Earth population, limited only by ability and interest.
This is where I kick myself.
I should have taken the cue of: ‘by the producers of Juno’.
I know Juno is a widely acclaimed movie. Heck, it received four 2008 Academy Awards nominations: Best Original Screenplay (which Diablo Cody won), Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actress for Ellen Page.

However, it should also be noted that while the film supports pro-life anti-abortion it’s portrayal was somewhat glamourising teen pregnancy which Time magazine coined as the ‘Juno Effect’ when 17 students under 16 at Glouscester, Massachusetts High School became pregnant. Like Jim DeRogatis  I share his sentiment of:

“As an unapologetically old-school feminist, the father of a soon-to-be-teenage daughter, a reporter who regularly talks to actual teens as part of his beat and a plain old moviegoer, I hated, hated, hated this movie!”
It wasn’t just the casual take on abortion or Juno’s naivety of getting pregnant that got me, but more so the stylized dialogue and in friggin’ whose-ever name, which fringgin’ mother and/or father on earth handles such news of his/her under 16 daughter’s pregnancy in such a collected manner? 
The only real moment in the movie for me was their drab economic way of life.
Knowing my opinion on Juno now, you can only imagine the restrain it took me to remain sunk in my sofa, not depressed the ‘stop’ button on the remote control, and work my trachea muscles overtime to keep down the semi-solids that were inadvertently trying to force its way upwards and outwards, when the word OMAHA flashed on the screen.  
Oh-MY…HA! indeed.

Nope. Truthfully, never been there.

(you got to be joking! Who voluntarily goes to Omaha unless, well you were born there. Your dad was born there. You great grand uncle was born there. Well, someone’s gotta come from Oh-MY…HA! surely)
see . ree . ous . lee
Unless I google OMAHA, I have no friggin’ idea where exactly it is in the United States of America.
But, I know this much. Bill Bryson’s eccentric (ahem, being polite here) uncles lived in a sorry state in Omaha. And look, if this description comes from Bill Bryson, whom himself hails from Des Moines, trust me you can take his word. 
Omaha is probably one of those places that is sorry to even exists; an apology it will have to make some day to lift the burden off its shoulder. A burden so great that could possibly only be totally removed when the world in itself cease to exist.
Well, thank god for a loan DVD celup. So, in all I only incurred some electricity and opportunity cost. Just so you know, my energy meter is genuine and though many, many workmen have came by and persuaded us to allow them to take ‘her’ apart, we have fought back hard. ‘she’ has never been manhandled, so yeah, some electricity cost was incurred!

10 thoughts on “Movies: Up In The Air … and Juno

  1. @#$%^$&**# I$*&@&^*(*$ !!^B&Babes you serious about the penalty? Researched? Proven?Well, my meter is definitely NOT ADJUSTED. Who does that? It's criminal!;p

  2. Vain pot!Spritz your face all the way and jab Vit-C and Vit-B+ if you are so concern. Oh botox works too. :pFF Bal??!? Sensitive issue man.I have been reduced to arguing and issuing letters of complaints to Banks and BNM for not honouring my credit card points to FF. I am now exclusively Amex, but guess what??? darm all the el cheapo cheap skate shops that don't take Amex – higher merchant fee. Sigh

  3. Juno's script is fantastic deary.If a girl wants a bun there's nothing no film, music etc can do one way or the other.What's your frequent flyer balance?I sure have accumulated too much last year – the stress and environmental exposure lines are showing. A ton of Creme de la Mer isn't going to do nothing!:(

  4. @andyso your meter is doctored huh?now you gotta pay me 50Gs to set up a blog for ya and not complain about your meter to TNB. What's penalty? 10x since the day your meter is activated??? wow!OUTPLACEMENT————Can't agree more. And for countries where it's new the film has been misconstrued and misunderstood. Here's a classic case I found in CNN/IBN by Lopamudra Ghatak in her Chiti Chiti Bang Bang: for Alex to stand up for his profession!:)

  5. @phil Yes, I do. and I TOTALLY get why everyone of you insist I watch it. I truly do.You know I was getting all misty eyed and sad when he started packing his bag, rolling it through the airport … the whole motion. Miss it man. Truly do. Then, when his life seems so meaningless … sigh. Been there too – but not in his extreme, though note note this IS a movie. Exaggerated.

  6. I am sure she misses the airports as long as its not Omaha.I liked the movie though. Makes you rethink life. Made outplacement seem very cold though.

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