yo! marketing dude… MARKETING would have swung it

Why couldn’t he have said: “Robert Downey Jnr”
Three little yet extremely potent words. Words that would have sealed the deal. Words that would have seen me flying with the aide of rocket launchers propeller suits to the Petronas Twin Towers.
Marketing dude … MARKETING.
When you tell a girl Iron Man 2, sorry dude. I am visualising the highly unappealing billboard imagery of a red helmet and a silver helmet. I am thinking this is going to be another pow-wow super heroes movie. And oh, I have my own brand of stereotype for superheroes.  It’s called: “my own super powers super heroes”. I like them to have powers of their own, not one who has gizmos of all types. And Iron Man sure is the super hero with the most gizmos.
I am the other half of the super-heroes-chick combo. The other 50% being Roxette, whom whenever together, we inevitably end up watching super heroes movies … free tickets . ladies night discounts . lack of choices . We put on the act that we embarrassingly endured super hero movies; hesitant to admit (even to one another) that we were entertained after 140 minutes.
Marvel is in my vocabulary. Marvel is on my bookshelf.
The original classic set of Marvel is in my wish list of ‘making up 4 my lost childhood’.
Though I have to say I don’t cope with change / deviation much. I am somewhat vocally resistant about change / deviation.

For example, it’s a known fact that I hate the new photo copier at work. It works like a sloth – thanks to the excessive energy saving intelligence built in. It insults my intelligence; flaunting 10 trillion functionality when clearly I struggle with 10. It mocks me and it challenges me openly. But most distressing of all, it has Subitha’s blue (this BLUE) all over it and a disarrayed mess of extra LARGE  icons all over its screen. I guess it knows who pays for it – the over 5-decades people with deteriorating eyesight. I plain hate it.

So, like the photocopier, I like my Marvel in 2D hard copy on dog-eared yellowing paper, some well consumed by silver fish and book worms. Not one on the silver screen and I’ll explain shortly.
Why Marvel?
{oh boy! this spells trouble with a capital ‘T’}
I ogle at the heroines.
Compensating for my lack of endowment and generous gifts of proportions by his Almighty.
Come to think of it, my dad would have had one swell time.
Growing up in the 50s and 60s must have brought him pleasures. The sheer size of it.
Hang on! I am talking about the emergence of over 600 comic books in that era! And of course, well, with 600 comic books comes along the creation of the following characters: Golden Girl, Blonde Phantom, Aurora, Cat Woman, Elektra, Wonder Woman … and other femmes which were unashamedly sexy.
It was then a geek’s world.
Feminism hadn’t come into being.
But strangely enough, why did the creators have to mess up with the heros? Many of them were not men. Ya’ know, in the red-blooded, girl-kissing (and beyond) sense.
Take for instance the most obvious (though you may be reluctant to concede): Batman and Robin.
Whoa… here’s definitely beyond any reasonable doubt a wish dream of 2 homosexuals living together back in those days. Common’. You can’t seriously think otherwise. Look at them!
Anyways, before I swing off to yet to another tangent again, this needs to be recorded: George Clooney as Batman didn’t do anything for me. If at all, it ruined my imagination of a life formed Batman. It failed to encapsulate the core essence of Batman (gay-ism aside) … and the dark ummph …
So with that, I am reluctant to watch a movie version of Marvel’s comics {though Batman was created by DC, not Marvel}. Comics and silver screen just don’t jive in my brain.
But, Iron Man 2, ahhh… I loved every scene with the exceptions of those that didn’t have Robert Downey Jnr.  OK. Fair enough. You might think that this is a serious case of my sad zitty teenage crush. Well, yes, but the clincher was the self assured air about Iron Man that got me all oohhh-ing … it was the fact that it defies all stereotypes traits of a super hero, and of course the display of ridiculous artillery (the funky “Cohiba” inspired ex-wife in particular) that hit the sweet spot with me. Fantastic 3 minutes script writing there!



4 thoughts on “yo! marketing dude… MARKETING would have swung it

  1. @Ass-Man??? Azman izzit? sheesh … but damn funny, Ass!@pinky – why not, but neutral ground please. You place is at the opposite end of my place. Any goss? How's the ex-Router (oops! it's a Toaster Man) idiot of a boss?

  2. Hey babe, can't get through your mobile. Wassup man?I saw you at J&J show. I waved like a lunatic but you were so absorbed in your own thoughts. Buzz me will ya. Still same number.Ass-Man

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