a little airtime for who else but Malaysian AIDS Council



OK. I’ve been slipping lately … BUT lots of forgiveable reasons and one not so forgiveable, which even I am kicking myself and screaming to my heart that refuses to cooperate: Penelope, it’s time to finally grow-up! 
More of that later.
For now, I’m taking a break from some projects I am coordinating {and a bit of getting hands dirty} for the Malaysian AIDS Council, to blog about this great musical. I am looking forward to watching it this coming Saturday … well, after Zig Ziglar’s training session … which means I have to miss the photoshop class given by my friend, maestro Syahrin of The Wedding Diaries. Sigh.
.– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Director Joe Hasham OAM | Writer Mark Beau de Silva | Music & Lyrics  Lim Chuang Yik & Teng Ky-Gan | Musical Director Tracy Wong | Choreographer Lex Lakshman Balakrishnan | Arranger Raymond Kong | Costume Designer Phin | Executive Producer Dato’ Faridah Merican
Malik Taufik, Mark Sobels, Tria Aziz, Sandra Mannas Wolf, Mo Dee, Fairuz Tauhid, Maria Yasmin, Faridah Merican with Eewen Teoh, Kwan Ji-Ling, Lilian Boo, Lim Miaw Fen, Mariam Sri Cahaya, Siti Farrah Abdullah, Alvin Looi, Ivan Atienza Chan, Jon Chew, Michael Chen, Iz Nasrun, Tabitha Kong, Lim Kean Tat, Chan Wing Leong & Akmal Ayob
The Actors Studio will be unveiling its most ambitious production to date and the fruit of a year-long collaboration with the Malaysian AIDS Foundation.

With a cast of 23 comprising Malaysia’s top talents, an 8-piece band, 18 delightful songs (like ZAP, JUMBO SIZE and Lollipop), ADAM will be creating history on three counts – 35 record breaking performances, the first musical to highlight the HIV / AIDS issue and it is believed to be the first homegrown musical to emerge from the scene this year.

No propaganda.
No lectures.
No patronising.
No bullshit.

“Do you know, the first day he met you; his face was shining like a moon…He laughed at me, hold my hands, look into my eyes, with a smile, and I know, maybe this boy don’t need me anymore? Auntie Noni in ADAM (played by Faridah Merican)

Wedding preparations fill the air as Adam and Sylvia look forward to a lifetime together. But the preparations are not smooth sailing…
Sylvia spirals down an emotional roller coaster, as her inability to believe how lucky she has been to find Adam now is confirmed. She moves through friends, family, and strangers; their stories of life, death, and surviving provide comfort, horror, and love.
Their stories indirectly show the past, present, and future of her life if she chooses to still marry the sleeping Adam.
Adam is about the dangerous time we live in, of suspicion and fear of people and things we don’t know. It is about compassion and strength, and how these qualities can turn the bleakest days into one with light, even if it is just a faint one.
Adam is about finding true love, and knowing that we can be very lucky after all.

Note: ADAM contains mature content.
Recommended for Form 4 upwards.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Actors Studio & the Malaysian AIDS Foundation
12 May – 20 June
8.30pm daily except 3pm on Sundays (no show on Mondays)
The Actors Studio @ Lot 10
Ticket Price RM60 (adults – centre), RM40 (adults – side), RM30 (students, sr. citizens & the disabled)
Promotion RM30 flat for walk in purchase 2 hours before showtime (only at TAS, first-come-first-serve)
Box Office
The Actors Studio @ Lot 10 (03 2142 2009 / 2143 2009 – ticket collection at The Actors Studio)
klpac (03 4047 9000 – ticket collection at klpac)
Axcess HQ (Jln. Semangat), Axcess 1-Utama outlet & Alamanda Putrajaya outlet



8 thoughts on “a little airtime for who else but Malaysian AIDS Council

  1. Dear SAM,I have to agree with you to a large extend. Whilst from an art standpoint its kudos to the team – in that we are at par with international standards – I myself felt uncomfortable with the excessive physical display. emmmm how do I say it? Tak manis? Not us, as Malaysians.I was relief when all my guy friends could not make it, and it was just mom and me, which in itself was very discomforting. Thank god she took it in good spirit and I was the one who ended up expressing my discomfort instead of her.:)Thanks for leaving a frank comment. Much appreciated.

  2. I personally found this musical very offensive and immoral with too much physical proximity and caressing happening on stage. Art aside, I think we must at all times stay true to ourselves, our culture, our values, our roots as not only Malaysians but Asians. Why the need and pressure to be Westernised? To adopt a lose way of life? Would the story line have lost its impact without the unnecessary physical display? NO.Does a story on AIDS and HIV positive need to be immoral? NO.Shameful Malaysians.Shame to the producers.Shame to Malaysian AIDS Council.-Saya Anak Malaysia-

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