Work Diary: YES, we do ‘live’ in a very weird world 8-14 hours a day…

Oh, did I tell ya that we have IBM Lotus Sametime at work? 
Sure. We are closed out to the rest of the world. 
Fear of contamination and ‘contamination’. 
So, we have set everything up internally. 
internal Instant Messenger . internal ‘facebook’ . internal blogs . internal forums. 
Everything internal that encourages inter-mingling to promote work-life balance and the ever so popular word ‘engagement’ within an ‘electrified’ perimeter fence with an omnipresence like Big Brother ‘watching’ over.
With the exception of some anarchist (usually associated with binary hexadecimal numeral coded folks – me, clinging to this definition with my finger nails), we are generally one bunch of boring, docile, cautious folks. Well, we are ALMOST a bunch of boring, docile, cautious folks on ALL fronts with the exception of the IBM Lotus Sametime Chat functionality.
Photos of apes superimposed with bosses ID-mug shots is known to be transferred notoriously. Gossips lurking from every corner has been exchanged. Office political warfare plans has been strategised, solidified and transmitted. And cumulative hours have been spent on innocent little things and chats like “where to eat ah?” But most disturbing of all are the whisperings (tap tap tap) of niceties that evolves into sweet-nothings which eventually blossomed into deeper relationships and exchanges of pixel-ed words that trust me, we are better off not knowing.
Now, let’s talk about the last point.
The successful ‘nurturing of relationships’ point.
Is it just me? But doesn’t excessive intermigling lead to trouble?
Even with lots of cubic meter air separating the two bodies, some times as far as hundred of kilometers, there is still something morally strange about this. To me at least.
And when the pixels takes on an intense emotional level … errr … intermingling here takes on a very different twist … akin to incest!
ya know … just sayin’
…  coz in Islam, we are all brothers and sisters. We call each other ‘bro’ and ‘sis’  every day as a matter of fact. Only the bosses are excluded from this exchange. Somehow it’s hard to associate these ‘Demi God’ (which is so un-Islamic) as brothers and sisters. 
And furthermore in this ‘closed’, almost cloistered like cyber environment we have created for ourselves, we are literally all the same: brainwashed with the same corporate jargons and mantras, drinks from the same water source, breathes the same filtered air, exists in the same space …
 …  and all this, within the confines of an ‘electrified’ perimeter fence with an omnipresence like Big Brother ‘watching’ over.
Yes, we do ‘live’ in a very weird world 8-14 hours a day.

8 thoughts on “Work Diary: YES, we do ‘live’ in a very weird world 8-14 hours a day…

  1. @ Anon Thanks. Don't know much – just hearsay and 'lectures' by my shariah colleagues.@ andy88ahhh… :)@ philah kor ahhh… what's AI?adobe illustrator?yeah, yeah i created some lah of the cyber suburbs there … lol

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